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early V8 power window switch . . . is it Catera? - Misc including parts cross references - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

early V8 power window switch . . . is it Catera?

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For me, visiting the auto wreckers = an opportunity to see where Lotus might get their parts from.

Look at the 1997-2001 Cadillac Catera rear door power window switches. I think they are identical to those in my 1997 Esprit V8. I also think they match the ones on a 1991 Lotus Elan SE.

A Cadillac Catera is really just a re-badged Opel Omega. Since the Opel bits seem so similar to SAAB stuff, someone should also look at the early to mid 1990's SAAB 900S or SAAB 9-3 switches. This could be a bonus to those with well-worn Esprit window switches.


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it's no wonder that the older interiour looks as if it does have GM roots in it for the GM partnership until 1996 ;)

..interestingly, I think my '98 verson switches look like the ones in my '98 Ford Scorpio !?

.. with interiour-lights it's the same .. I mean the ones in the Esprit footwell are GM brand parts, but Fod Scorpio interiour lights (from '98) on the B-pilar have the same technical concept & size, it's just the surface structure that looks different.

You can find door hanles (insigt and outside) in GM-Opel Calibra/Vectra or whatever the car is called in your area of the world.

'98-on interiour ventilation is Rover25 /200 range ..depending on how the car is named in your market, and centre console light switches in the later interiour is Peugeot 106 --same is for the engine cooling water reservouir (Peugeot205)

the instrument controls (warning lights) in the older interiour look a little like lets call it with respect : 'home depot store' not sure about where it was sourced.

front fog lights are Saab 9000 series, valve followers/hydraulictappets are GM type/size (made by INA), and side indicators (turn lights) on the front wings are Renault units..

this list is endless and well known.. :D


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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