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oil cooler connection threads 2002my V8

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Hi Guys

Can you help.

I have an oil leak from nearside cooler -- the leak is from the pipe connected to the oil filter base -- it seems to be at the "crimp" joint on the rubber.

After consulting the info on the site I have successfully removed all the pipes and both the coolers.

I am arranging for new wire reinforced pipes to be made.

My question -- what is the thread dia and type in the coolers.

After looking at the comments on the forum I am confused ( 1/2 bsp -- 5/8bsp ) or 22mm

The label on the cooler states --- SETRAB, made in Sweden, part number 52/01453, connection G5/8A

Does the last bit mean 5/8 bsp

Setrab website states all connections 22mm

Thanks Wardy

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on the V8 esprit (or at least only on mine ?) -you need a metric/non-metric adaptor

dit you get your adaptor out of the cooler as well, or just out of the pipe ? the problem with steel type adaptors will be that you have nearly no corrosion with the pipe side, but much on the oil-cooler side -so if you have to reopen the system for any other work there you end up with a cost intensife replacement or much work on the coolers -if ever possible (if you need to replace the adaptors) go for aluminium ones .. this will shift the corossion problem only to the steel side on the pipe end, and there you can repair/work much easier the thread if needed

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Hi Gunter

Thanks for that advice.

I was able to remove the aluminium adaptors from the coolers but as you said the adaptors were seized solid in the flex pipe end.

I cut the flexible pipes to avoid damaging the coolers.

I will try and obtain new aluminium adaptors for the re assembly


Because its winter there is no rush to finish the job and so it will a few weeks before I return to my chilly garage.

Whilst I have the gear shift assembly removed is it worth overhauling this unit.

Regards Wardy

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know this 'windchil'-working situation well ;)

..the removal and refit of the two main oilcooler pipes is pretty easy, only downside is that you need a long arm to cut the factory fitted straps there in the frame inside -holding things together can help on refit to use a wire or similar to guide the new pipe on the way of the old, but as this pipe is stiff it can passed along in those holes inside the angled additional endplates in the frame even without.

You can get freshly build new pipes for around 90€ over here in any industrial/hydraulic-service shop .. made on order wile you wait. Not sure what you have on your side, but would guess similar services exist


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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The Setrab coolers on a V8 have a 1/2 BSP thread cut in to them for the adapter (after market Setrab coolers are normally M22).

The fittings into the Oil Filter Housing on the Engine are 5/8 BSP.

The hoses themselves are 1/2 BSP but if you are replacing all then you can choose -10 JIC, -12 JIC or 1/2 BSP as you like, you just need to buy the corresponding fittings...

I am doing a complete re-build of the car at the moment and as I have some parts left over from previous jobs I am using 5/8 BSP to -12JIC on filter housing and -12 JIC to 1/2 BSP on the coolers.... Hose ends are all -12 JIC



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