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Great alloy wheel refurb service!

Paul C

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Not Lotus related, but had to tell you of this guys great and unique service. Maybe he could do stuff for you lot too?


My wheels had some corrosion, not much, this is the worst one. I needed two new rear tyres and the fronts while they had tread, were 7 years old so the compound would have been crap by now.


Chris comes to my house and takes off my wheels, fitting a set of his.


Gives me a chance to try out some 18's for the week. Chris then takes my wheels away to strip properly, paint, bake, everything the mobile guys don't do. I went for two tone with silver painted rims but grey centres. He's also going to do the centre badges and supply 4 new tyres, and wheel nuts etc. But for now I get to try the feel of the bigger turbo wheels on my car for a week.


He comes back today with my wheels, they are just ace.




I tried to fit one of the centres back in myself, Chris was "Noooooo!" and pointed out he could not have his work photographed if the badges were not correctly pointing at the valves, ah the Porsche anal-ness!!!




Am very happy, it was deffo a good move to go for the 2 tone finish.

Chris does several makes but obviously his service depends on what wheels he has. I know he has no Lotus rims, but if there is a set floating around then he would do this service for you lot too if there was interest.

What I liked was I did not have to drive anywhere/leave my car/arrange lift back and I did not have to get some wheels, swap them for mine, drop mine off somewhere, pick them up etc. It was just so easy.



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£610 for 4 tyres, which is pretty good for the correct spec item. I could not buy them cheaper and even if I could there is no-one local I'd trust to fit and balance them.

£475 for the wheel refurb. cheaper if you don't go 2 tone of course.

Click the link to his site.


Dave, I don't like the slanted spoke turbo rims to look at, and on the road the front is heavy and the car tramlines a lot. Maybe really good for motorway miles mind. They are a VERY popular upgrade though...

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