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Very smart Eclat Riviera for sale

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If I was in the market for another eclat, that one would be as close as I would get to my ideal spec. There was another yellow eclat riviera for sale in the midlands 2-3 years ago, but its a different car as the mileage and details are different. I'm sure someone told me the other one went overseas? There is a lotus publicity pamphlet for the eclat riviera which features a yellow car - could be this one. not sure on pricing, it's worth what someone is prepared to pay...

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Hi all

I am the owner of the Eclat I have dropped the car in to the garage to have the electrics sorted then its off for a mot. Dont think it will fail on much if at all.It has been dry stored and has not been used since the mot ran out in dec 2000( Done about 500 miles in 99 )The car was not cleaned or washed before i took the pics for the advert and the interior is excellent. I am thinking of not selling it and having some fun in the summer. We go the the Peak district most weekend I was thinking off the fun i could have around that area! there are some awsome roads around there! Like someone said only needs a little spend to get up and running. What would you do? do you think ithe car would be worth with a full mot, cam belt, water pump , service and taxed ?

look forward to anyones thoughts Martin 130/s


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Guest saraphee

Hi Martin,

Here's a long distance opinion on the issue of whether to sell or have fun.

If what you listed is all that it takes to put it right then take into consideration what the sale would fetch v the fun you could have.

My considered view is that you would have to be stark, staring, raving bonkers to even consider selling it.

Yrs respectfully


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Fix it, keep it and enjoy it. These cars are way undervalued for the fun they can give so you would struggle to replace it. In the meantime you have something special.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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Hi again

Just a update on Eclat

Picked it up from the garage today. lights going up and down, rear lights/break lights/fog lights wiper/washers now working, all the gauges rev counter/temp/volt meter/dash light (and dimmer) clock, radio interior lights, even the bonnet/boot lights .Every thing working at it should. I was a little embarrared when i picked the car up they charged me for 6 fuses! the cost one pack of fuses £4 plus labour £12 Total £16 result!! Paul the spark said the fuse holder could do with replacing as a couple of holder have become weak , so this afternoon collected two new unit from tony stafford classics in Tamworth ( £32) going back in tomorrow for paul to fit.I have booked her in friday morn for the mot and spent the rest of the day T cut and polishing. Near side/rear end, boot and off side rear quarter now looks like new. So it looks like its not for sale! I will have to get rid of the motorbike, anyone want a suzuki 600 bandit 1997 black 8145miles from new Excellent condition please let me know!

I will let you know the mot goes

Thanks for the comments Martin :unworthy:

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Have to agree on the decision to keep it Martin. :thumbsup:

Noticed you only have 2 posts as well at the moment. Welcome to TLF. :welcome:

Any questions, feel free to ask one of us mods.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Hi all again

The eclat has now two new fuse boards, all singing and dancing everthing working as it should

Went for the mot this afternoon but did not pass failed on two minor issues

1) One jet on washers not working ( fixed. blocked pipe )

2) NSR hand brake inefficient

The guy at the mot station was impressed with the car and commented how clean it was under and over. The car will hopfully be moted next week. I am going to sort the hand brake this weekend but we have been forcast 8" of snow tonight, so may be next week before its warm enough for me to venture into the garage. I am thinking it may be the handbrake assembley/ linkage any one done one before? Is it a simple or difficult job? I know my first plus 2 was a nightmare Also the nose badge is black any ideas thought they were yellow?

regards martin130/s

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The badge is supposed to be black, you can change it to yellow if you want, but imo it looks caq on yellow cars like ours.

the hanbrake cable would be my guess on a car thats seen little use. this is good because its easier than removing the inboard drum, but bad because I think they arent available (could be wrong). I'd start by removing the cable and put some oil up the sleeve and try to work it in. If the cable moves easily, its probably an issue inside the drum, but you should be able to tell if the cable is stiff and likely to be the cause. if the cable is beyond saving, speak to lotus bits, or send the old one off to be copied by control. or speedy cables etc. nb speedy cables aren't speedy, nor cheap - google for others.

access is tricky at the rear and

some cars have had little hatches cut in the glassfibre to allow access from inside.

best of luck

(my car needs this doing also, brake has been dragging slightly for months....)

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isnt there a greasing point somewhere at the handbrake-cable? or do i remember such a thing from a different car...hmmm

have you checked the elctrics-job from your garage that thy did not use new wires, with those blue dodgy connectors:

(would be a shame when the original wiring loom would have been modified for sorting some "fuse-problems")


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I am keeping the car, just thought i would ask 5 k to see what interst it would create

Plus I payed for the ad so may as well let it run.

I have still had mails from germany, italy and france but has slowed down a little

And no i am not letting it go abroard!!

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Hi, That looks like a great Eclat, I've owned a 1978 Eclat 521 for the past 10 years, and they really are great fun, and always turn heads when I'm out and about.





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Thanks, Had the seats re-trimmed by the Lotus Factory back in 2004 I think when I first got the car back on the road, the crests were the trim shops idea, think they came out great. I know it's not original, but hey :harhar:

She's not a bad old girl, few stress cracks, but has a new galvanized Lotus chassis, mostly new suspension etc so she's pretty solid. Just passed her MOT with flying colours!

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