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Which Lotus cars have you driven, or been a passenger?

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Thought it would be fun to see how much of the Lotus offerings people have been able to sample.

Here's my driven list:

1)Driven the 2005 Federal S2 Elise a bunch, including a 1000mile trip, and on the race track.

2)Drove S2 UK version with Rover K, in 2002 (before they were available in the US)

3)I've driven the 1960 Seven in the mountains

4)1960 Elite into the mountains of Colorado.

5)Europa around the mountains

6)Elan S2 FHC in the mountains

7)Elan M100, mountain, and autocross

8)Evora IPS at Hethel

9)Esprit V8 around town

10Esprit V8 Sport 350 around town

11) 1991 Esprit X180-R around town, in the mountains, and several times on the track, back to back with my 89 SE. I've driven 2 of the 20 in the world!

12)Esprit SE '90 around town, 2 of these.

13)my SE '89 for the last 12 years, and on track.

14)A non-SE '89 into the mountains for a Lotus gathering.

15)An S4 Esprit around town

Here's my been a passenger list:

1)Been in Elise S1 190sport on track

2)S1 honda VTEC powered Elise on track

3)2-Eleven with Nick Adams driving on track

4)Evora S on the track at Hethel with Lotus test driver

5)Exige S in Minneapolis

6)Caterham SV on track

7) Evora with Bibs driving!

8)Sanj's 90 Esprit SE

9)Johan's Extreme Esprit V8

10) one of the X180-R's above on street and track many times

11)89 Esprit SE

12)GKP's GT3 from Castle Combe


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Esprit list

White S1 - passenger only

S2 - passenger only

S3 - Driven and passenger to Le Man

S3T - Driven

X180 N/A - my own car

Esprit SE - Driven on Track

GT3 - passenger and driven

S4s - passenger and driven

Sport 300 - passenger and driven

V8 - my own car

Missing/wanted on Esprit list - Essex, Sport 350 (sat in only)

Lotus Carlton - driven

Europa (new) - driven factory visit 2005

Evora - driven 2 of Bib's

Loved every one of them! :)

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Esprit Sport 300 (passenger first Lotus experience on Nelms of Romford open day)

Esprit S4 (Passenger only. same as above)

Esprit S2 (my car)

Excel SE passenger and driven

Esprit X180 na (my car)

Esprit SE passenger only

Esprit Essex (Test dive)

Esprit S4s driven as a test drive

Esprit V8 SE test drive

Esprit V8 Passenger and driven

Esprit S4s (my present car)

ELise S2 Passenger only

Evora SC (Bibs motor passenger and driven)

Need to experience

Elise S2

Esprit Sport 300

Esprit Sport 350



The New Esprit

Twitter @radioRedwards

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Can't compete with those lists...

I've driven:

Lotus 51 Formula Ford

Lotus 61 ditto

Elan with the big valve engine

Esprit dry sump turbo

Esprit S3 NA

Esprit turbo.

Don't seem to do passenger rides much.....wracks brain; nuffin!! No, I'm wrong, M100 Elan!!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Previously Owned:

MY93 Esprit SE Highwing

MY98 Esprit V8 GT

MY98 Esprit GT3

MY98 Esprit GT3

MY97 Espirt GT3


All my above cars (with Bibs at the wheel)

MY86 Esprit Turbo S3 (Evil Dr Fish a.k.a. Rob)*

MY8? Esprit Turbo S3 [x 2] (Other group members)

MY88 Esprit X180 NA (Bibs' car, best sounding four cylinder Esprit)*

MY89 Esprit Turbo (Other group member)

MY93 Esprit SE Highwing (LEW Kato's)

MY94 Esprit S4 (Dermot's "S4-Sport")

MY95 Esprit S4S x 2 (Other group members)*

MY97 Esprit GT3 (KarlUK29's Modster)

MY97 Esprit GT3 (Red Race Chipped - Other group member)

MY99 Esprit Sport 350 (Other group member)

MY91 Elan SE (Other club friends)*

MY95 Elan S2 (Other club friends)*

MY04 Elise 111R (Testing/track day)*

MY06 Elise SC (Testing/track day)*

MY07 Exige S (Other club friends)*

(* Also driven)

...may be some others I've missed!

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After a 40 year love affair with the marque, there have been loads of encounters, but I'm now senile enough to have forgotten some for sure. Specifics below - there will have been more!!

My cars driven on road and track

'86 Turbo Esprit

'93 Carlton

'95 M100 Elan

'80 Sunbeam S1

Others driven and passengered

S1 Elise - track (part share)

Esprit SE - road (Bibbo's)

Esprit V8 - road (Peter's)

Elan +2 - road (Erich's)

New Europa - road (Factory)

Evora LE - road (Factory)

Evora S - road (Bib's)


Elan S2 - track (Dave's)

Sunbeam S2 - track (Paul's)

Sport 350 - road (Mike's)

Sat ins

Europa TC JPS (in 1972, a neighbour and the one that started the affair!)

M250 (London motor show)

S4s (Cliff's and Rick's)

Sport 300 (Tony's)

Excel (several incl Cliff's)

Exige 240 (?) (Factory display Brands Hatch)

211 (Factory Display Brands Hatch)

S2 Elise (Factory Display Brands Hatch)

...and the back seat of a '76 Elite to see if I'd fit... which I did!

Edited by MPx

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Elan '67 S3 SE, owned

Excel SE, driven

Esprit S3 Turbo, passenger

Esprit GT3, passenger

Exige S2, driven

Elan +2, driven

Elise S1, owned

Elise S2 S, driven

Elise S2 R owned

Would love to drive an Esprit, quite fancy an Exige but don't like the lack of rear view and sat in an Evora but the jury's still out for me!

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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MK2 Lotus Cortina, my first Lotus driving experience in 1970 driving the MD's car.

Elan S3

S2 Elise Type 72 (My car)

Elise SC (My car)

Elise R

S2 Elise Club Racer

S2 Exige S

Evora N/A (My car)

Evora S

Evora IPS

Esprit V8 (My car)

S2 Europa

Lotus Type 72 F1 car (in my dreams!!!)

Sat in new Esprit at Geneva Motor Show 2011

As a passenger:

Evora N/A driven by Matt Becker on the Nordschleife

Evora S driven by Martin Donnelly on new Lotus test track

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hmmm -


Europa S2

Elan +2 130

Esprit T





Evora S (yup with Bibs :-) )

Short list... gotta trick some of the guys from the DK club to let me try their cars :rambo:

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My MY94 S4

And a carb turbo when I was looking at buying as a passenger.

That's it. :getmecoat:

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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My List

Elan M100 SE

Elan M100 S2

Elan S2 DHC (friends car)

Elan S4 FHC

Elise S1 (various Models)

Elise S2 (various Models)

Exige S1

Exige S2 S240 (Friends Car)

340R (Friends Car)

Esprit S1 (Friends Car)

Esprit S2 (Friends Car)

Turbo Esprit

Esprit S4 (Friends Car)

Esprit S4s (Friends Car)

Esprit V8's

Elite 75 501 - 504

Eclat 521 + 524

Lotus Omega's

Lotus 7 S3 + S4 (Friends Cars)

Lotus 110 :)

Lotus Type 51 (Friends Car)

Lotus Type 61

Lotus Type 69 (Friends Car)

Lotus Excel SE (Son's Car)

Evora Launch Ed. (Dealers)

Evora S (Lotus Press Car)

Evora IPS (LOtus Press Car)

211 (Friends Car)

Europa S (Dealers Car)

Europa Twin Cam (Friends Car)

Westfield Eleven (at Paul Matty's)

... and had the chance to sit in Katsu Kubota's 18 and 77 at Coppa Intereuropa Storica in Monza.

Most of the cars in this list i have enjoyed as a passenger (well, if possible ...) too, with my wife or my son at the wheel.

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Elise S1

Elise S1 S160

Elise S1 111S

Elise R

Elise S (1.6)

Elise CR (1.6)

Exige S2 N/A

Exige S2 S/C

Evora N/A (Bibs & Demo)

Evora S (Bibs & Demo)

Evora IPS (Bibs)

211 is on top of my wishlist to have a go in but need to pop my Esprit cherry as well.

The only Esprit I have been in was as a passenger with Bib's :help:

Kent monthly meet is the first Tuesday of the month at the Nevill Bull, Birling

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Mine's not much bigger:

Elise (driven)

Europa (new one) (driven)

Evora (driven)

Europa twin cam (driven)

Esprit S4 (passenger round Hethel track)

Esprit SE (passenger round Hethel track)

Esprit Sport 350 (driven - mine :thumbsup: )

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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Mine is pretty short as well despite being a long-time Lotus fan.

Driven:- Lotus 51 Formula Ford

S3 Elan

S4 Elan (owned)

+2S (owned)

S2 Esprit (owned)

S2 Elise

V8 Esprit (thanks to LEF member Russ Shand)

M100 Elan

Ridden in as a passenger:-

Race-prepared Lotus Cortina

S2 Elise

Westfield Seven (not really a Lotus, I know, but close)

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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I owned it..! In partneship with someone else. It got raced successfully in the Thoroughbred Grand Prix championship by Simon Hadfiled, a well known and very successful driver in historic circles.

I can't remember the exact stats but 0-180-0MPH in under 10 seconds was one of them.

Simon's advice still rings in my ears "Don't go too slow or you'll crash" as the slick tyres don't heat up and the ground effect doesn't work! Not quite what I wanted to hear as I pulled away in my life savings.!

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My cousin was the promoter for Suzi Quatro back in the day...when I was 10 I sat in his Lotus Europa and mucked about with the 8-track cartridge player (cue the routine for thousands of stand-up comedians-spangles, Spacehoppers, choppers etc etc) ....I just remember him under the car doing something to the fuel tank as it had grounded and ruptured .

In fact I don`t remember seeing it moving at all !

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