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Surely it will differ from car to car depending upon how high the steering rack is for one thing. As you probably know, you can adjust the height of the rack to set the bump steer.


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HI friends,

I would like to make a basic setting of the steering rack-arms and tie rods.

My wheels are not straight at the moment, when the left is straight the right not, so I need to make adjustments on the steering arms but as I have a new steering rack from SJ I have not any reference measure and point, the rack is different so checking the old arms is unuseful.

Does anyone have the same new rack on an S2 so he would be able to help me?

I think basically to keep the same ammount of thread on the steering arms but maybe there is a better method?

Can't find a symmetric reference point on the rack, any tips?




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Difficult...I think I would find the centre point of the rack, to start with...wind on full left, then go to full right and carefully count the turns and fraction of a turn to get from lock to lock...then set the rack to the centre position. This assumes you have the column and steering wheel fitted! If not, you could do the same thing by moving the rack by pulling the steering rod ends and marking the splines with a felt pen....counting the turns and finding the centre of travel.  Set the wheels to be parallel and pointing straight ahead...straight edges and axle stands and a few iterations shoould get you there....then set the rod ends to fit into the tapers. It'll be quite a fiddle....but it will work in the end! Once you have it somewhere close, then you can set it accurately by careful measurement as it shows in The Book...or some magic laser device. Have fun!!

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