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Has anyone got the tool in the manual they could let me borrow?

Or can you describe how to get the liners out?

P.S No they don't just drop out, even with a hammer.... :help:

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No, they don't drop out, do they!! And all the fuss people make about liner clamps......(!) I extemporised my own using thick threaded rod, heavy square tubing (about 3" x 2") and some's a bit fiddly but, when you think about what needs to be done, fairly obvious. My efforts worked well...but it's too far from Solihull to get it to you! Solihull must be full of engineering types who could make something suitable, surely...

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Mark, if only you'd asked a few days ago, I could have left mine at reception and the guy could have picked it up.

I could give you dimensions to make one but you may also fin it's easy enough to remove them with a bit of persistence and brute force. I've removed them before simply using a decent piece of wood that is hard (hasn't got to be "hard wood" i.e. deciduous tree) you can then tap from the base of the engine on the lip of the base of the liner, swapping from one side of the block to the other to help keep it in line with the bores in the block.

The tool is a flat plate of steel with a lip so that it sits in the liner and on the end of the liner simultaneously, it is like a circle but has two flats so as to make it able to pass through the restriction in the block. There is then a threaded boss welded to it but you could just drill a hole through the centre and use a decent nut or two below it. The threaded bar goes through the plate, up the bore and out of the top of the block & liner. It then has a way of sitting clear of the block-head surface , again with a a plate sitting on that with a nut which is used to tighten along the threaded bar. By tightening the nut it pulls the circular (well part circular) plate and so liner up towards the block-head surface.

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I had a liner puller made to a similar design as above. Easy enough for a competant machinist.

And no, you mustn't hammer them out. They need to come out squarely so you don't gouge the block.

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Since I'm a woodworker and not a machinist I fabricated mine from some hard maple. Crude but cheap and works fine. Also used the same tool in reverse to re-install the liners.



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Well shiver me timbers. Wood anyone like this design to copy? :getmecoat:

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