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Most cat owners wouldn't believe how easy it is to give one of my cats its worming pill. 6kg, ex-feral but as trusting as can be. Yes, slight objection which is solved by him being on my lap and backed up against me, open mouth, pill in, close mouth, watch the gulp, all done. 

The 4kg cat we've had for 10 years and has always been a domestic cat, now that's a different matter. Oh how different it used to be with just one cat, put pill in with dry food and he'll get to it, now if I did that one cat would get two pills.


Spot-on treatment, about the same, walk up to one, part fur, done. Give treat to make him think its a pleasant experience. Other one, shut door, spend 10 mins attempting to capture cat who has hidden himself away out of reach, once captured, keep body parts out of line of sight of cat....

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Think yourself lucky, with one of my cats I get a different view. Last night he climbed on top of my chest when I was in bed and put the heel of his rear paw on my Adam's apple, and tail over my shoulder.

Your Ginger cat has very different ears to those of my ginger cat. They don't have multiple tearing scars from Bengal cats he's taken on.

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On the Death Star there was an unassuming vent that was a big weak point, on this version of the Millennium falcon there's an unassuming trap whereby unsuspecting hands may* be viciously attacked with the Bunny Kill defence system.

* depends on exact ,model, some are fitted to with an alluring noise system sounding like a "Pur", but this makes the others even more deadly as you never know whether it's the decoy or the attack model until it's too late.

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It’s that time of year for Muffin the cat.

She gets a bit knotty and grumpy with the brushing and wood burner being on makes her somewhat antisocial


How all of that can come off one small cat is beyond belief.


she is now somewhat happier.

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Only here once

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RIP Rainbow, aged 10. The most kind and gentle member of our family.

It all happened so fast. She didn’t return home for her dinner last evening and was found in an almost lifeless state hidden outside by the shed. We booked an emergency vet appointment at 9.00pm. They tried oxygen and medication, but it was no use and we were with her when the vet put her to sleep at 10.00pm. The vet said it was probably a combination of a heart condition and fluid in her lungs. She had bravely kept it hidden from us all, but stayed alive long enough for us all to say goodbye. We’re all still devastated. Her sister is sitting on the window sill next to me looking for her. Give all your cats a hug from me. Here’s a happy photo of her in her favourite pose from 3 weeks ago.


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