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1998 GT3 Speedo intermittently cuts out

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I know it's been ages since I last posted on my GT3 electronic speedo problems. Does anyone know of anywhere that refurbishes electronic speedos for the GT3/ V8 models? I am a bit stuck. 


I have taken the car to stock coachworks in Essex and they think it is the speedo unit and not the ECU or wiring.


Thanks for any help.

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Just to be absolutely certain I might be tempted to connect a couple of small LEDs (with appropriate current limiting resistors) into the 12V feed to the instrument, and into the pulse it, just to see if either one drops out intermittently whilst driving.


If that fails then Speedy Cables are probably your best bet for an effective repair.

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If the problem is in the Speedometer and it's intermittent (not a hard failure) then it will most likely be a bad solder joint or loose connection point. The problem with repairers these days is it'll probably cost around $100 to fault find & repair. How much is a new one ??

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Hi Guys,

My speedo on my Esprit GT3 1998 with (new dash) intermittently cuts out whilst I am driving then cuts back in again.

Has anyone else had this problem?

What are the possible causes and solutions?

Thank you for any help


Hi Mark,have you resolved the speedo issue with your GT3.I have replaced both the speed sensor and speedo head on mine and still not working,i would appreciate any help with this cheers. Alan

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HI Alan,


I have not resolved my speedo problems!


Ok, the car was scanned by Paul Matty Lotus near Birmingham. The scan they did showed nothing! I bought a new speedo and the fault occurred with that too!  I had also sent the new speedo for a complete check at a electronic speedo company in Swansea who said they could find no fault with it.  The guys at Paul Matty have failed me - big time and I can't see where to go from here.  They have phoned VDO who made the speedo who don't care and also Lotus don't care either about the Esprit.


It is really killing my love of the car.  PNM engineering have not been able to find the fault with the GT3/V8 speedos either. It sucks!


Let me know how you get on.

Oh I forgot to say that like yourself, the speed sensor and speedo head were replaced.  I am not sure if there is a faulty earth going on.  Please keep me posted.

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Hi Guys,


Roy and Brian at Paul Matty have fixed my speedo.  Top marks to Paul Matty's team. Several things were done to sort this out.'s the sequence of events.


I had my new speedo tested by a company in Swansea to double check it was okay.   (In case you were wondering why I didn't send the old speedo it's because I wanted completely new parts and didn't trust that the new speedo I had bought on eBay was working ok).


A full scan was done with the Lotus scanner showing the ECU was fine.  The old speedo was replaced with the new one I bought from eBay and the ABS sensors were all resistance tested which were fine.  The wheel speed sensor was also replaced. This did not sort out the problem and the speedo would not either work or would occasionally move a bit like a voltage meter flickering!  As Travis said in a previous blog, the problem had to lie with the wiring either between the wheel speed sensor > ECU > speedo. 


Paul Matty's team thought they had cracked it when they found that earthing leads from the pin sites in the ECU to the bell housing which lies at the back of the engine bay (on the inner surface) had come loose.  They replaced these wires.  The speedo seemed to work but when I came to pick it up, it started to play up again although this time slightly differently.  It would work fine then cut out completely.


Roy and Brian then looked at the wiring between the wheel sensor and the ECU and found that water had seeped onto the plug making it green and mouldy.  They replaced the plug and wires.


Now my speedometer works fine! Well done guys. 


From this experience this is what I learnt.


VDO haven't got a  clue about these speedos now and don't care.  Lotus are a completely different company now that Brian Angus has left they do not have anyone who can offer advice on the problem or the Esprit in general.


I have owned my GT3 for 9 years and the car is 15 years old.  I think any owner with the new dash may eventually experience this problem. Pete at PNM engineering has 4 Esprits with the same problem.  I think there will be more owners getting this fault as the cars age.


The key thing is the wiring between the wheel speed sensor > ECU > speedo.  


Okay, hope it helps someone out there.  


It was nightmare for everyone including the guys at Paul Matty Sports cars, but they seem to have cracked it. Thanks guys!



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 at the wiring between the wheel sensor and the ECU... water had seeped onto the plug making it green and mouldy.


Can you explain more where this plug is so I can check mine? Can anything preventative be done?

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