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Do not rely on the colour of the antifreeze to identify it, there is no agreed standard and manufacturers can pick the colour regardless of type. For example, Toyota used a red dye for their IAT antifreeze that contained no silicates.

You should not mix antifreeze types; OAT chemicals react with the inorganic salts in IAT antifreeze and, as said above, causes sludge to form as the salts precipitate out. If you ensure the system is properly flushed then you'll be OK to switch types (assuming the antifreeze you are using is OK for your engine).

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That Evans stuff is very interesting though expensive to buy. Good value as you never have to change it and Jay Leno's vid where he shows how the regular stuff had eaten his aluminium engine part was similar to many of the cooling pipes made from aluminium in my system before I replaced them.



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Living in southern California you run very hot temps and I can attest that my truck and car run consistently better with the Evans. In 160k miles on my truck I have already replaced the radiator and cooling ancillaries twice in seven years because of corrosion!! Besides that that this stuff doesnt run water it also doesnt run contain really bad chemicals that are trying to counteract the effects of the water. I would call one of the racing shops on their lists of stockists on the UK site and talk to them before making a decision. Good Luck!

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I use the pink comma type. Purely because thats what I bought and its compatible with all-alloy engines like ours. As mentioned, dont mix it with different types qnd also mentioned its the characteristics of the coolant not the colour dye that determin its compatibility so check the lable!

Also on another note, dont fret too much over particular makes as we dont live in an extreme environment country that would demand a certain performance as long as your system is in good order, clean and efficient there should issues with using any of the varieties available.

As bibs mentioned, 'pink' seems to have a longer life span, however as the consciousness owners we all are im sure, the timing belt change should also be done every time with a change of waterpump. This would require a.coolant flush or change, resulting in a coolant change every2 or3 years anyhow deypendant upon you model and year..

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I read something about waterless coolant, its used in aircraft engines etc etc, it suggested that the water less stuff wasnt as good a at keeping your running temperature down, therefore although it was less corrosive and lasted longer than water it would have most engines run at a higher temperature which is where you have to consider, oil grades, head gaskets or even making your radiator larger ? I'm no expert but with my esprit being pretty hot most of the time anyway I'd be worried about trying it out? I guess the guys over in the warmer parts of the world will be best to try it and advise? I've read a few threads on here advising about corroded radiators, sludge in the header tanks, stuck thermostats etc etc, IM still a newby so haven't had the time to get stuck into my engine bay to check things out but have a huge list of checks to do ( drives great though so loving it for now) IF the Evans stuff did work out well I would use it and sleep tight in winter knowing the car being sat still most of the time won't be gunking up and rotting front the inside.

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