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metallic blue paint code

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Does anyone know the correct name and paint code for a metallic blue (Fairly dark)?

Secondly has anyone experimented with vehicle wrapping an Eclat or Elite? I'm thinking of doing this as my car has microblisters and the laquer is flat on the top half, so it would seem to be a cheaper and quicker solution, if not as durable or shiny.

One concern I have though is getting the wrap round the rear corner sensibly as essentially its the corner of a cube so I dont see how it will be possible to stretch the wrap enough to get round this without ripping it if you see what I mean.


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My Essex Blue Elite has the unusual paint code L44, it is perhaps slightly darker than the Essex Esprits, depending on the type of daylight. When it was resprayed 12 years ago, Robin Alabaster could not track down L44, until a paint expert found a cross reference listing which showed it was the old Mercedes colour 'Magnetic Blue', which was still available. So it was resprayed in exactly the original colour.


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Leigh - just need loads and loads of expensive wax !!

Steve - Can't let you have the paint code on the Essex as it's gone for its annual service/MOT but if you need it let me know and I'll let you have it when it's back.

Andy both blues look fan-dabbie-dosie

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Hi, I initially thought L44 on Leigh`s car was the same colour as my Elite 2.2 but the VIN plate on mine specifies A06 which has been confirmed to me as "Bermuda Blue ". I am waiting for the paint to arrive, fingers crossed...

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Mine is A59 Steel Blue this is a very dark metallic blue:

Here you go post-683-0-95434200-1331762682.jpg

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