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Car import info.

P S Robinson

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Hi guys, wanting to speak to anyone re, importing of car from England to Sydney. I know some of you have done it. I would just like to speak to someone re,,,cost / taxes / time / hassles / is it worth it? etc.If anyone has info i would appreciate them emailing me with their number so i could buzz them for a chat. [email protected] cheers Paul

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H Paul,

I've done it some time ago, it's not an hassle but..

I'm in Italy so importing a car from another EC country is easy, different matter for you as you are located outside the EC so I think you need to pay taxes and duties that I have not paid.

Regarding the way to do it it's really simple:

You will get a contract by fax stating all the cars specifications, number plate and chassis/engine numbers, the sellers name, address and all the others info and the price of the car paid.

After you have paid the car the seller must go to the DVLA and prepare the paperwork for definitive exportation, there is a page on the V5 for that, then you will receive the V5 and all the paperwork of the car.

Other than that you need to get infos about the Australian rules for that and obviously the shipping cost that will be expensive I think.

Hope this helps.


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A few of us here have done it, I see Roger has sent you an email so I guess he will give you all the details. Shipping, insurance, duty, GST, customs, rego etc will cost you between AU6,000 and AU$8,000 based on a car purchased for about 8-9K pounds.. I believe there may be a better option available right now, a good sorted car for reasonable money here on Oz. You will need to buy a nice SE wing for it though.

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Things have changed since I imported my S3. I paid 10% duty and on top of that GST for the combined purchase price, shipping and duty.

Shipping was around $1500

Make sure you have the A/C gas removed before the car gets on the ship as DOE requirements is that a gassed car cannot enter our ports.


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I imported my S4 back in '06 (from London to Adelaide). Very easy. No problems encountered. Relatively cheap. And I'd definately do it again given the opportunity. In fact you're silly if you don't. Just make sure you tick all the legal boxes, and buy a really nice car (something rare and somewhat expensive).

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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