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I currently have a 912 engine being stripped down.

The plan is to check, rebuild, and slightly modify with gas flowed head + 4 to 1 exhaust manifold to give modest increase in output, I'm not interested in mega power.

Pistons to be reused, look perfect

Crank looks good

Liners, replace whilst doing the job?

All new gaskets needed

Where is the best place to source the parts, I'm especially interested in the liners & piston rings, do they vary, are there good/bad sources?

Esprit S1, 238G, Blog

Online Photo's

This car was most definately hand built, NOTHING FITS!

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Quick question, how many miles has it done?

Even if cross hatching is still evident, it doesn't necessarily mean liners are OK. Did the engine burn oil?

I have to admit, that when I had detonation in #4, I was just going to relace one piston/liner, but in the end decided that I'd rebuild everything. Sometimes, it's impossible to draw the right line. My rationale was 'while it's in bits'. But time and money are always factors.

I would recommend that you have the crank polished, even if it looks good - I assume you're fitting new beairngs?

Polishing removes v little metal, so don't worry about altering oil clearances.

Other things you can do for little or no outlay - if you're having the head flowed, don't forget the port match the manifolds, and trim the gaskets if they extend into the ports.

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