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Need to replace mine after posting up here nearly 2 years ago with wobbly dials! Can anybody give me a part number assuming it's Lucas or such like so I can get it for pennies from somewhere sensible rather than pounds from the usually Lotus parts suppliers and also where it's fitted. I'm guessing behind the dash as it's been a while since I was rummaging around in there?



Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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Hi Pete, I believe you're after one of these http://www.merlinmot...oduct_info.html

Mine is mounted on the temperature guage, bottom right.

Worth checking the wiring diagram as not all of the guages connect to it. From memory, the voltage and rev guage don't, but you'll want to check that!

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Thats interesting guys, I only replace my dials back in the car 2 weekends ago and don't remember seeing anything like this on mine (although with it not being original thats not totally surprising).

I have a wiring diagram with me (like you do) and that shows it only connected to the tacho, fuel guage & temp guage.

My oil pressure and fuel guage are not working, so if I end up getting in touch with my auto electirican I will ask him Pete.

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Neil, have you got an electrical oil pressure guage? I've got one to swap out my mechanical one, but for me there aren't any connections for my oil guage except the oil line.

Yes I have Chris, but it was fitted by a previous owner who knew about these sort of things so I can't really help with how its connected up - but like I said its not doing anything at present.

I have to assume it was working when I took the car off the road (as was the fuel guage) - so it must be something I have done when putting it back together, although I had everything well labelled and was pretty confident it was correct. Puzzled

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