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Hey guys i have an 1987 HCI federal and i just purchased from SJ motors a kit upgrading my external wastegate to an internal wastegate with the newer style turbo has anyone ever done this upgrade? will i notice any difference in power delivery? maybe less lag

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Hi Billy

I did this to Trevsked's Dry Sump a couple of years ago. Fairly simple job, but a slight offset/interference between the turbo output and chargecooler, so that I had to chop a little off the chargecooler inlet to get the hose to fit.

Hopefully Trev'll read this and tell you what he thinks, performance-wise.

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Yep, a good upgrade and just as you thought, less lag and a little more willing. As Sparky says there was a little to cut off the Inlet plenum and of course the later turbos are water cooled so tapping into the coolant and a return to the header tank.


I'll get around to it at some point.

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'87 Federal did not come with a chargecooler. We didn't get those over here until I think '89 or '90. Would be a nice upgrade too though, since the integral wastegate can be modified to an adjustable setup for higher boost, and higher boost necessitates some sort of cooling of the compressed charge. Of course then you get into the slippery-slope of how far you ant to go -or should go- with these sort of things.

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