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Nick Fulcher

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Many of you will know Nick, you may have meet him at Donington or the Oxford meets of the past or he may have worked on your car interior at some point. I've just spoken with his son Steven and he's asked me to pass this on.

Sadly I have to tell you that in November Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour, although Dad had Radiotherapy to try and combat the tumour sadly the treatment hasn’t worked. 4 weeks ago Dad’s Oncologist gave us a prognosis of weeks rather than months. Dad is now being cared for in a home with his family by his side. I am continuing to run N Fulcher Coachtrimmers to the high standards that Dad always achieved. If you wish to contact me you can e-mail me ([email protected]) or ring me at work (+44 (0)1603 811993) during office hours.

Once again, many thanks,

Steve Fulcher

Nick is resting now and doesn't need for anything, his family are looking after him as are the carers. Steve has kindly offered to print this thread in a few days and read it to him for us so if you'd like to send a message to Nick, please post below.

Nick has been a legendary figure in the history of Lotus and continued to carry on this tradition over the road with his own business for many years. A real craftsman, one of a kind and hugely talented plus a nice guy, fun and always welcoming and happy to share any and all of his knowledge. My best wishes to you Nick, I keep my own scissors sharp now with your advice mate! :)



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Sorry to hear this, Have spoken to him only once and was very helpful, My thoughts are with him and his Family,


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I've never met Nick personally. What I know of him, I only know from his posts on here and the posts of others.

My thoughts are with him and his family as well.


All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Desperate news. I, too, have never met Nick..but I have seen his work, so I have a good idea of the sort of bloke he is.

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Having had the honour and pleasure of sharing a cup of tea with him and Steve in their workshop I pass along my thoughts and prayers to all.

I still have my F1 Lotus Racing patch that Nick gave to me as a gift... Each and every time I look at it placed on my desk I can recall those several hours of listening to Nick's great story telling. Always intrigues me on how we each have come to the paths of our lives as we have...and Nick's story is an interesting one to say the least...and I feel blessed our paths crossed...

May the family enjoy the memories of many years past...I know I will enjoy mine of that cold evening, sharing a grateful hot tea amongst the smell of leather and watching Nick at his profession...


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I have known Nick for many years, visiting him in the factory with my dad many a time and then at TLF and Norfolk meetings after. My thoughts are with you Nick, and your family.

From MJK: "I have been proud to call Nick a friend for 40 years and despite gaps in our professional and personal relationship, we always fell back into the comfortable banter and discussions we always had. I was desperately unhappy to hear of your health issues and wanted to send this message myself, but am away on holiday so have asked Tony to send you my thoughts. Nick, our thoughts are with you and your family, chin up old friend."

Nick, one of our memories. Mike.


Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Dreadful news from another cornerstone of the Lotus legend. Unfortunately I never managed to meet Nick at any of the events, but he and Steven have been very helpful and courteous on the few occasions I contacted them in the past. Best wishes to all his family, I hope they take comfort that his skill and workmanship will remain as a legacy.

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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I discovered this news through Facebook yesterday, Steve letting me know the situation, I was wishing Nick a happy birthday. Very sad and a total shock to hear this news, Nick is a true gentleman and a true craftsman, old school and the best at his game. About 26 years ago I first met Nick, I spent a week at his unit, I commissioned him to trim my Cobra replica, so I got involved in helping to make templates for material to trim my car. It helped me save on some costs, but also Nick taught me a lot in that week regarding trimming the professional way. If you've ever been to Nick's workshop and see a Red Cobra picture, that will be my car.

I've bumped into him a few times over the years since that first meeting working in the motor trade, most recently at Lotus events. The last job he done for me was through a VW dealership, repairing my then owned VW Lupo webasto sunroof, which he said was a nightmare to fit! It didn't help having me as a fussy customer! My last meeting would have been at an event with the East Anglia Lotus Club.

Again totally shocked by this news, my thoughts and prayers are with Steve and all the Fulcher family.


Nick's work.


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Extremely sad news. I've been an admirer of Nick's work from afar through posts on this forum. I'm glad that his son, Steve, is carrying on the family tradition but I'm sure we all wish Nick was going to be around to help him for longer.

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The first time we met at the 2010 TLF Christmas Party, you warmly brushed it off when I said it was an honor to meet you, but that was no bullshit--it was an honor to meet you and is an honor to know you. I think you may be one of the ten most committed and uncompromising (in a good way) people I've ever known. Your dedication is truly awesome.

Making time for Tony K and me to interview you for the S1 documentary the day before your brain surgery (Steve mentioned you complimented the doctors on the stitching) was similarly an honor and a memory I'll always recall with a smile.


And frankly, when you called me the next morning--20 minutes before leaving for your operation!--to tell me you'd forgotten to mention a few things about the Esprit, I was again in awe of your warmth and commitment.

Thanks for all you've done to help me and for working on my car. I'm glad we got to spend some time together.

Warm Regards,


1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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(Steve mentioned you complimented the doctors on the stitching)

It may be wrong but that is very funny! I can't imagine I would ever have such courage in similar situation. And I am totally in awe of the neatness of the elasticated leather door pockets on Owen's Cobra.

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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I only met Nick once at one of the Oxford meets a few years ago, but Gina and I often talk about his presentation and being given the opportunity to handle some of the Lotus F1 memoribilia he had collected over the years. A true gentleman and a real master of his craft. His legend will live on through his work and the lives he touched.

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Never got the chance to meet you in person Nick, but the time you took & advice you gave on "wetsuit material" was invaluable.

It's great that your legacy will live on.

My thoughts are with you & your family.


Hooligan at heart.

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Tremendous respect to you, Nick, as being a rare, true craftsman at your art and for being indelibly inked into Lotus history. All the best wishes and prayers to you and your family.


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Again like many I never met Nick personally, but did have some e-mail correspondance when looking at my interior.

I was very sadenned to hear of your decline in health, as an early Esprit owner I follow a lot of topics relating to them, and have done so with your interior work with much interest. Its helped me greatly in doing my own work on my car.

You can be very proud that you do indeed have a legacy, something not many of us can say. The fact this is still in your family for another generation to take forward is great news.

My best wishes to you and your family.

Neil Ridley

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Yes, sad news indeed. Had the same message from Steven. Nick was always supportive when my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer and subsequently passed away. He is a true Gentleman.

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Nick and listening to his lecture on leather years ago (on one of the oxford meets I believe)

I have never been very good with words, So I will just say my heart goes out to Nick and his family

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Having lived in the same village as Nick for many years i was often a visitor to his workshop.

You would never know what kind of vehicle or project he would be working on and i was always amazed at his abilities other than coach trimming. Always willing to have a chat, give advise, spin a good yarn or even put you straight. A true legend in his own lifetime. Inspiring to many people not at least his own son Steve who will i hope carry on in the same tradition.

Regards Trevor & Lee

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I have had the pleasure of meeting Nick twice, and on both occasions, so pleased with how helpful he was answering my queries on my Esprits leather.

A very difficult time for Nick and all family. Thoughts and wishes go out to you.


Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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