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Stripes with that, Sir?

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Risking a post where I can’t claim “facts” or sums are on my side, as quite a shock I’ve found myself rather impressed by the Evora GTE.

The stripes on this one, I mean.

Back in the days of all-night road rallying when excesses of all kinds occurred, I might once have thought a stripe of sticky tape could improve airflow - it didn’t - but since maturity, when choice was possible, it’s been plain red, white or black. Stripes? Are you mad?

To emphasise, it’s not the colour of the GTE, it’s the dull gold stripes. Looking at all the striped Evoras for sale on PH and making some measurements of mine, I see the actual sizing and positioning of slim-wide-slim stripes is rather tricky because of the front hatch, the hollowed roof and the LOTUS lettering at the back. Some seem more successful than others.

My favourite layout is: (Who is Freddie Mercury?) and it is narrow enough to avoid the layout problems.

My car is Ardent Red and I’m imagining just the two outer stripes in dull gold, leaving the red in the centre.

Am I mad?

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Stripes do seem to be in at the moment (I think Ford and the Mustang/GT40's had a bit to do with that), so if you fancy it, why not?

We have done a few strips on cars recently where I work.

Regharding sizing, looks quite easy to me. Use the back as your guide. For "slim-wide-slim" measure the width of the "O" and "U" lettering, working outside-in have the slim gap the same measurement and whats left will be your wide measurement.

For the "Freddie" version, meausre between the "O" and "U" and divide by three. Simples!

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Rick, thank you, but afraid it was a genuine question - in spirit anyway! Perhaps your response is because we have a wide generation gap! A clue in my reference to road rallying of the late ‘60’s/early ‘70’s, when even then I was old enough to support a half-decent rally car. You may have enjoyed Freddy Mercury’s music, but we had a sport banned many years ago, effectively over-night road races with pre-plotted routes, where somehow the legal “30 mph averages” could not be kept by even the fastest, and some sections were timed to the second. Happy days. So what is the Freddie Mercury generation’s view of stripes?

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Neil, good to know there are professional outfits to do the job. IMO it has to be done very well or look rather naff. As you say, getting the positioning to fit with regard to the fixtures is part of that - some on PH have stripes cutting through the LOTUS letters!

Rob, thanks for the several examples - biased as you may be! As in your case and that of my new hero, Freddie M, - thanks for the intro, Rick - having a base colour of white does seem to make stripes very natural. (And what better than flying the flag!)

Artistically perceptive critiques of the red/gold possibility from refined, aesthetically sensitive types - apart from ourselves of course - seem to be lacking. Perhaps too polite to comment!

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