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I was a little upset that my engine builder painted my engine (aluminum colored), but that's probably not abnormal.

If it were me, I'd leave it naked. Maybe a coat of high-temp clear?

1997 Jeep XJ | 1983 Lotus Turbo Esprit

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The only problem with painting is strong cleaners and degreasers will take the paint off when you need to de-grease the engine at a later date, then it looks like dog poo...

I've painted engine blocks and tranny cases but usually use a solvent proof paint like POR-15 or such that won't come off easily.

1995 S4s

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I'm using dupli-color cast aluminum engine paint, ceramic based, good for 500 degrees, and supposedly oil, gas, and most other resistant. An advantage of having the painted block is that it has a very slick surface, and should be easy to clean, instead of grime staining bare aluminum. Should be able to clean with I expect soap and water...

Since I am building the engine, I have been painting each piece individually, which is a pita because of the amount of masking required, but I expect will look better than spraying over gaskets and seams and such. I saw a pic where an individual painted his rear suspension and half shafts and such with aluminum paint that looked like it came from the dime store, and painted over everything. Even the grease coming out of the u joints was painted. Plus overspray on the bottom of the body. Looked like crap.


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