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Restoring my 502 Elite

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Self tappers it is then.

B pillars external finisher; what do you fill them with? Foam? A thin sheet or something more meaty?

They are glued on with double sided tape. One would assume they would be quite stiff.

I would be interested to hear if anything else is needed.

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Fantastic thread! Very inspiring as I work on my 77 503! Car looks awesome and the tips and information are invaluable!

Please keep it going!


'89 Esprit, '77 Elite 503, '72 MGB, '95 XJ12, '10 Mini Cooper, '67 Imperial, '78 New Yorker, '76 Town & Country '73 Cessna 150

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Thanks Mark.

I will go for the standard airbox set up me thinks. Nice and original.


I couldn't agree more.


Here is a sad story.

Many years ago I spent two years building a 907 engined Chevette for Rallying, I used 48 Dellortos with out filters just ram pipes and gauze.

First time out I hit a large sheet of water at full whack . The engine ingested water, net result one bent con rod, one through the block and a wreaked engine.

For any gain achieved by using no filter housing cost me more that it was worth.

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I hate to say this but the carpets you have don't look like the originals I salvaged out of my car. Maybe it is me and I am not reading the pictures too well. I hope so.


The Roman Bronze paintwork looks stunning.

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It does look ace in the sunlight :)

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Evora NA

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I'm so glad your cracking on over the winter. It's very inspiring during these long winter months for those fir weather car restorers like me! The paint work looks awesome and i think it was a good choice to keep it with the brown.  

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Am fitting the screen and side glass this week.

A little confused about the spacers that SJ supplied me. Any one fitted the glass to their cars?

The spacers are usually blocks of hard rubber used to position the glass correctly.

The idea is that they are placed at the base of the glass whilst the compound that bonds the glass cures. They are left insitu.

I am unsure of the bonding method that SJ use compared to the original but the spacer principle is the same.

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