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I Have just had the wonderful News that although I thought I was covered for track day insurance, it appears that because some incompetent brain dead admin girl (not a sexist comment , she was a girl) Did not record our conversation that I was attending a club run track day, I am not covered for the accident that I unfortunately had.

The wonderful company concerned CLASSICLINE what a bunch of w

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Every insurance company is the same.........the only thing that makes one different from another and it pays up is the fact that it can t wriggle out of the claim somehow.

Funny how they, in the main use all sorts of terms and jargon to avoid paying up.

I have 3 simple claims on the go (one since last April - 2 with Direct Line) and they won t pay up because they have thought of a different angle...........thing is they are all 3rd party claims and the 3rd party's has decided to lie?

Lesson is, now that the insurance have to complete on my criteria too and confirmation in writing before inception......only way now!

I have to ask myself - 'do I feel lucky'?

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Insurance is the greatest, legal racket in business.

Unless you're lucky, there are far too many responsibility dodgers :)

...and yet we are all COMPELLED to have it!

We are forced to take out insurance (which I understand and agree) yet they are no longer as bound to their moral obligations - they know how to get out of it all legally.

In the past you would take this case to the ombudsman (or whatever theyre called) whereas now, I'm told, you have to sue them for it - which, of course, means NO ONE has any redress against an insurance company any more :) :) :)

Errr... Whatever happened to the standard recorded message "All calls are monitored or recorded for 'training purposes'" ? Fcukers

Sorry to hear about your situation Andy :)

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I'm just thinking - I take it you've told them the accident was on a track day ?

Becuase, whos to say you didn't do what you did on the way home or parking area ? In defence of that a lot of insurance companies have ties with track day organisers and can get you for fraud in this case so there is a return swing to that sword.

IMO insurance is fair game, the thousands of ppl they rip off each year is incredible so return them the same favour.

Due to an error made by Admiral my cars were not insured for about 2 months this year - If I had needed to claim I would have no doubt they would have blamed me for the error (even though it was 100% their fault).

So how did you go about paying extra for track coverage, surely you can use this to your advantage. I mean it's not as if you can say "I want 3rd party only cover" and then turn around and say "no I said comprehensive" - if they've taken money then its their error, not yours.

Insurance companies will tell all sorts of lies (legal lies) to put you off, infact I'd go as far as saying 75% of what they say in a claim is false. When I crunched my V8 I was told

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Sorry to hear of this AJ. I am with Classic line, and the last time I took mine on the track I rang to confirm this. They stated at the time, that it is part of the Policy & I would be covered for Club organised track days. However I will be checking on this now.

Also mate of mine, insured by Classicline, who has an 85 turbo & did have an Excel SE. Unfortunatley the Excel SE was written off only 3 months after he'd bought it. It was clearly not his fault as it was a drunk driver who swerved in front of him. They did pay out eventually. However he has recently found out they will not insure his cars now for 3 years. What ever happened to customer loyalty :)

I ve been with them for over 10yrs and they have been quite good to date. However I think I might be re asessing my policies with them.


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...In the past you would take this case to the ombudsman (or whatever theyre called) whereas now, I'm told, you have to sue them for it - which, of course, means NO ONE has any redress against an insurance company any more...

Fishy, sorry but whoever told you that has got their facts wrong - it's actually the other way around.

Up until early 2005 the only recourse open to disgruntled policyholders was to sue via the courts.

From February 2005 all uk motor insurers became subject to regulation by the Financial Services Authority. This introduced a formalised complaints process that all regulated companies are obliged to follow. One element of this is the right for dissatisfied policyholders to take their case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for independent review/adjudication - the result of which is *binding* on the insurer.

So, Andy, don't give up the fight just yet. If I were you I'd now write (use Recorded Delivery) to the insurers explaining that you wish to lodge a formal complaint, and setting out full details of your case - do make sure that you include as much info as you can about your track day cover phone call (date, time and name of person you spoke to if possible).

Whilst you're at it also tell them that if the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction 'you will leave me with no choice but to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service'.

Insurers have to pay for the FOS investigation/adjudication (even if they are 'cleared' of any wrongdoing) - so the mere threat of FOS referral will sometimes results in the insurer reconsidering it's original decision.

Hope that helps.


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