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My Esprit was insulted comments please


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Male egos cant beat them.

I was at my local pub last night which is quite trendy and well heeled with a few 911s and nice cars parked outside.

I was in the Esprit which I have parked there many times and when I was levaing I got the most unual sarcastic comment I think I have got in 6 years..

"Nice OLD car mate" This was repeated about 4 times in a very loud voice in a less than flattering tone with particluar emphasis on OLD.

My car is a 2001 V8 gt with a private number plate on.

THe guy was clearly trying to be unpleasant and after 6 years of owning several Esprits it was the first time I had heard a comment like this.

His friend then came over and said "sorry my mate is not trying to take the mickey, its a lovely classic car mate - he has a Ferrari"

Now I dont really give a monkeys about it as male egos are always talking about how fast their cars is etc but I thought well if the guy was a true petrol head he wouldnt be trying to wind up an Esprit owner.

Yes I could have got out and offered to explain a few himbling facts to him but sometimes somebody has to be the grown up.....

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Well done Richard,

It's best not to dignify childish behaviour with a reply.

Driving a Ferrari is no proof of intelligence - or large genitalia.

We all know that, so we feel no need to say it and lower ourselves to their level.


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Clever guy too from the sound of it.

Good on you! We all know Esprit owners are the nicest guys :)


"It's called a fire hydrant. Firemen like to stick their hose in it, and eventually squirt water from it."

Owner of 86 TE HCI, and 55 Chevy. Stare at broken down TR7

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Sounds like a typical case of twatitus to me, or the equally as common smalldick/ littlemans / onepintandhesanyones-syndrome where the sufferer needs to berate others in order to feel bigger/better :)

Wonder what he had parked outside ?

Probably an older boxster hahahahah :)

To which the appropriate reply is - 4:30pm mate, next tuesday....need a bit taken off the back and sides :)

I'll never forget when coming back from a show this guy had a perfect GT40 replica and it blew the water pump - the guy pulled over in a garage to check it out, we stopped to offer some assistance and the garage owner comes out and goes......"what do you need, apart from a match" :)

Morons - Nasty old thing is jealousy.

facebook = [email protected]

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I've got a lot of this over the years,

Have a mate that always asks "hows the kit car?"

A plumber (who owns a 308) asks "hows the plastic car going?"


Also, because all the UK motoring programmes are aimed at

the Sun reading braindead, the whole 'gearbox' thing has given

them ammo until the end of time. The opinions of people whose

opinions you don't value kinda cancel themselves out, right?

I care not, as my choice of car stands me alone amongst my

mates and workmates, if i followed their trend i'd have some

two a penny silver german exec saloon, and come down the

pub to boast about my new cinema sized TV.


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How can a 2001 car be considered old?



It's not old, I think the w**ker was referring to the "lineage" of the esprit, the 30 years or so..

In which case even a 2007 911 turbo would be "old"...

Regardless it's jealousy 9 times out of 10, and the other 1 time it's just a jerk throwing out a mindless comment.. Any real car lover wouldn't behave that way.. and I doubt he owned a ferrari as well..

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There must be something wrong with me, I actually like (and prefer) old cars :P  :lol:


Me to. There are some very nice older cars that can keep up with the more modern cars. If there looked after they last for years. Problem with modern life we live in a throw-a-way society. My Youngest car is a 90 Nissan 200sx (240sx in US) which suits me fine as my every day car. & as for the depretiation on a new car. I'd rather spend that on my Lady(The Lotus).

The need for speed can be found with a Lotus

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Was that the same guy who when asked "what size is the engine?" came out with

err....... emm...... I think it's a V8

There were plenty of people laughing at him :lol:

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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As I've said, a new car is new once, a classic is forever :P

I got the Esprit in large part because it's a slap in the face to anyone who drives anything newer that is also slower, more expensive, and uglier.

Of course it's best to get an old car that can still do those things :lol:

But even in the case of my TR7 and 55 Chevy, which both find occasions where normal traffic can gravely surpass them... Well, they have character! And when everyone's putting along at 20mph in a traffic jam, that's the only way to stay interesting.

I like old cars. Always have. Esprit is my newest car :P Time shows which cars are timeless and which aren't. Trends and fashions are bound to last less than a year. I think I own 3 cars which have stood the test of time and I respect them for that. Even the Triumph ;)


"It's called a fire hydrant. Firemen like to stick their hose in it, and eventually squirt water from it."

Owner of 86 TE HCI, and 55 Chevy. Stare at broken down TR7

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did the right thing!

I personally appreciate my 1993 Esprit because Lotus is able to use a 4-cylinder to do performance of what would be common in big size engine.(including many modern cars)

and I like it even more when I can outrun a new Porsche Carrera....(which is still not fast a fact)

I like classic cars (or someone says old cars)

personally favour would be a 1969 Camera Z28...(they are not fast, too)

The only negative comments I received would be "a question"/

why I spend so much money to restore a 13years old car...but after I give them a ride..they like my Esprit, too..

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Still laughing at the guy with the ferrari at Gaydon

Commentator "so what model is this"

Clown "ugh....dunno" (its a ferawi init)

Rofl rofl.gif


That day, i was stood watching that guy doing the driving demo.

The guy next to me was one of the three Enzo owners, and the whole

time he has his head twisted away from the arena and had to keep

rushing over to stop people/kids touching or getting too close to his

car, by the end of it he was getting really shitty with people.

Someone's ice cream could have been dripping onto my Esprit

at the time, who knows, but i never ever want a car that means

i have to watch it wherever i am. That guy saw about 10% of the

show and spent 50 % of the time stressed out and angry...

Lets hope he at least had a cool drive home.


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I was at a Lotus open day when someone drunkenly confronted dad after loads of people had been milling around him.

"You think you're so special, who do you think you are strutting around like you own the place".

Dad pointed to Colin and said "No he owns it, I just run it for him"

:lol: silence :P

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Sorry to hear about you bumping into tw+ts like that, even more worrying with idiots like these that his mate played along too. green eyed monster to the maximum that twats the sort of bloke that would key a nice looking car! owns a ferrari my arse, most people i know who own flash cars themselves would never say anything like that! more like he owns a fiat punto! nice to see you bit your lip and did not fall for this twats fishing line :lol:

regards dan :P


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  • Gold FFM

Ex-brother-in-law always used to ask "hows your Land Rover door handle car?" And this coming from a guy who thought his Astra Van was the dogs. What a bellend!

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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I think the illustration of lotus owners compared to so-called 'ferrari' oweners is the way you handled yourself. Fullstop.

Happy with your car, you do not need to brag or denegrate others.

(By the way, I have an S4 and usually have th opposite problem when people ask me how old the car is- they cannot believe it is 10 yrs old).

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Slade, would you mind if I addopted you as a surrogate son? :lol:  :P  :P


Bennett to Barratt, only a few letters different :P Good deal, I'm up for it

...but only if I can call you daddy!!! ;)


Edited by slade

"It's called a fire hydrant. Firemen like to stick their hose in it, and eventually squirt water from it."

Owner of 86 TE HCI, and 55 Chevy. Stare at broken down TR7

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