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Hi guys, I've been searching for a set of these for some while now for my S2. I can't decide if I prefer them over my S2 originals but I'd really like to get hold of a set.

Looking for a bit of advice, 4 stud 6J sets for the front 14" come up quite regularly on 'bay as they seem to feature on quite a few other cars of the era (Beetles, Scimitars etc)

However I can't seem to find many of the 7Js for the rears.

Does anyone know of a set anywhere, or if the rear 4 stud 14" 7Js featured on any other cars?

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There was a thread here a few months ago regarding NEW Wolfrace wheels. Searching the Forum might help. Also Google Wolfrace and follow the information posted. Good Luck!


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Thanks guys, I have read the threads before and I do remember them making the new Slot Mags, sadly only in 15" and I'd really like to keep the current 14" look.

I might well keep it on the Speedlines, I do like them but I'd need to get them resprayed as well as the car, as they are a dull gold at the mo!

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Funny, I went from Wolfraces to Speedlines. I just think they look much better.

Ditto, which is why I think I may sell my set of Wolfs. PM me if you're interested. I'd sell them for a fair price, but I'm in the US.

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Interesting guys, I'm guessing I could swap up to the 15" new slot mags with little difficulty?

Looking at it, I could oversize to 205/55/15 on the fronts and 205/70/15 on the rears with very little change on the rolling distances.

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Plus you'll have way more tyre options than the Speedlines.

Use this to get the right equvalent size:


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Pete '79 S2

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Part# C079G6003F , 4.60 GBP

Includes the lug nut, but I don't think you have a choice. You could ask Steve to sell you just the washer but knowing him the likely answer is no.

Thanks. I will follow-up with Steve.


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