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Servo replacement

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Well after tking off the master cylider it has reveiled a very rusty and hydraulic oil soaked servo output. The rest of the servo doesn't look great either.

After reading a previous thread that the landrover master cylinder is similar and usable I looked at the servo on ebay - this also looks "similar".

Has anyone tried one? - about a quarter the price of a refurbed unit.



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Last year I replaced my rear diff and took the opportunity to fit new wheel cylinders and a new link pipe but  ended up swapping one problem for another... lovely diff, taller gearing but the brakes had almost gone! They were never sharp but the pedal was almost to the floor & the servo clicked and then hissed like a Cobra on acid before the brakes took effect.

Since then , I have systematically been through my braking system and fitted new shoes , rebuilt front calipers and fitted a Landrover master cylinder (NRC8690 with a 5mm spacer plate) to try to solve my brake problem. The pedal is solid but takes a huge pedal effort to pull up. Flexi pipes are the braided type so no concerns about old rubber pipe bulging. This leaves the servo and the price of a reconditioned one leaves me looking for an alternative. 

Landrover has been mentioned before and I think a 227mm type 50 servo (series 2 & 3) is a possibility ; the repair kits have the same reference number so perhaps there are only minor external differences.

Has anyone had success fitting a servo from another car albeit with some small adjustments?

I know brakes are a key safety item but I'm loathed the spend nearly £300 without exhausting other alternatives!










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I have fitted a Lotus Excel servo and master cylinder, I had it my store of parts and it works fine.

The main difference is that it's a two bolt fitting to the bulkhead so required a couple of holes drilled, might be easier to find in good second hand condition than the eclat/elite version.

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Binnacle can stay in unless you want to get a better sight of the nuts.

Slide the seat back, remove the dash under trim, remove the throttle pedal by using a 17mm spanner to turn the right hand square bush 1/4 turn, you can leave it hanging by the cable.

Using a 1/4 inch drive socket set with a 13mm deep socket an angle joint and a very long drive extension, and you should be able to reach the nuts.

The servo is a devil to pull out because it rubs on the inner wing, use some hard plastic between the wing and servo to stop it scratching the paint.


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