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Senna Themed Esprit V8 (the old one.....)


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You think that's cool? A Belgian Senna fan once held an exhibition, an Italian guy came by, he had a Senna liveried truck... Believe me that was cool.

I must search, to see if I have some pictures.

Found already a link on the web: http://raceminiatuur...enna-truck.html


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Like to know the engine mods - they claim they have raised the bhp from 354 to 492 and can still only achieve 0-62 in 4.3 and on to 175mph.

Top speed for a standard V8 was listed as 175 and the 0-60 time isn't that far off standard.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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I hate to say anything negative.

I just dont like it?


Second that!

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Professionals built the Titanic

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Be interested to see the upgrades under the bonnet but it does shout publicity stunt to me...sorry


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No need to apologise Cliff - my cool comment related to the engine and gearbox mods only! But as mentioned the quoted performance figures are pretty close to stock.

My mates teenage son thinks its absolutely fantastic. Exactly.....

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Having "done" a JPS car, I think it could have been more considered graphically, and also with regards to it's choice of interior trim and wheel finish. I suppose the aesthetics took a second place to the engineering; surprised it's not faster though.

Glad to see the old girl in the "spotlight" - still a fabulous car, and a nice idea too.

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Can't spot the interior but could be more subtle and gold wheels...

Scott is the Jedi master of special editions!

You can see the old-style dash pod through the windscreen but that's about it.

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A bit over the top, but good publicity for Lotus

This book is guaranteed to NOT change your life…but it does mention a Lotus Esprit...

To enjoy this masterpiece, download Martin now. Simples!!!

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