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Brit in Germany drives Brit, in Germany

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Hi all,

This is my first post ever in a forum so do excuse my ignorance of netiquette.

After years of longing to buy an Elise I recently took an extended test drive in a 2012 CR. Great fun to drive, great to admire from a cafe, if not only to see the passers by dribbling on the paintwork. I could picture it parked in my garage parking space, much to the envy of my neighbours. Then i remembered one thing, that I live in Germany, a country so perfectly regulated that Jack Frost needs permission to let the snow fall. but this permission he gets, without fail, every winter. And there was the catch. Winter. I imagine that driving an Elise in Winter is like trying to climb up the outside of a skyscraper wearing gloves made of butter.

So I bought an Evora.

Now there's a 2011 IPS parked in the underground garage and the neighbours assume I have either won the lottery or am running a house of ill repute. Turns out I paid 150.000EUR for it! According to one neighbour. I live in Leipzig Grmany, a former East German city with half a million inhabitants, a museum for JS Bach, a Porsche plant where the Cayenne is produced, a BMW plant where 450 1series cars are produced every day, and home to ONE Evora. I won't lie, I think it quite cool to be the owner of such a rarity. But in a place of such envy I find myself parking around the corner from my office as not to provoke the looks of scorn from certain clients. Can this be normal?

Nevertheless, I'm glad i didnt buy a similar priced Audi to blend in with the suburban middle class. I would rather drive masked through the streets in my 150 grand lotto winning pimp mobile, because it's just the perfect car! Hand-made by people who aren't CNC programmed, a car that is greater than the sum of it parts. A few weeks ago I drove a GT3 Porsche, with engineering so good it makes the driver seem redundant, with the Evora I feel like the driver is the final element that joins all the dots together. Just wonderful!

So hello from me, I happy to be part of the club. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Regards, Ian

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Great first post Ian!

Welcome to TLF. :welcome:

As far as your netiquette goes, you just passed with flying colours. :thumbsup:

Post some pics of your car up in the garage section or here as many will always want to see another car. I am sure there are other members in Germany also.

Other than that, any questions, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help. :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Welcome to TLF. Ace cars aren't they, you're right about wanting to enjoy the drive rather than be a high speed passenger :thumbup:

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Ian, I wish you a lot of enjoyable kms!

When I bought an Elise about 12 years ago, I was only 23 years old... I became instantaneously a drug dealer... some people who I passed like every morning going to work, acted as if they didn't know me any more. I felt gutted. Excited about my new car, but so disppointed about the reactions I got from a lot of people... Some co-workers are still soo jealous after 12 years, can you believe that? I got a lot of comments and try to hive stuff now... So I bought an Esprit some years later... I honestly don't dare to tell that to any one any more... I had to drive her 2 times to work and I parked it at the parking lot of the company next to our company, went to work early and left after any one else left... So I understand what you are going through! Good luck!

By the way; a collague of mine bought a kitchen for almost 50k euro, he showed us all the bill, yet everyone thinks he is normal, buying an Elise worth half that money makes you insane or a drug dealer..

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