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Not SKYFALL!!!!!!

1.) Why did Bond crash his motorcycle off a bridge when he could have just hopped onto the train?

2.) Why didn't Eve shoot Patrice once Bond was already hit?

3.) How did Bond survive the combined gunshots and 300 foot fall?

4.) You can bomb a highly defended and digitally secure intelligence agency through a computer?

5.) Why would a world class hitman use ammunition that can be traced back to only three people in the whole world?

6.) Why didn't Bond prevent the Shanghai assassination?

7.) How didn't Patrice see Bond when the POV shot from his perspective clearly showed Bond behind the glass?

8.) Why did Bond and the bodyguard have to fall into the Komodo dragon pit? (Seriously?)

9.) Why did Bond allow himself to be taken hostage on Sévérine's boat?

10.) Why would MI6 recruit a Spanish agent and then place him in Asia?

11.) How do you convince an entire population of a chemical leak?

12.) Why did Bond wait for Sévérine to die before taking out all the henchmen with ease?

13.) Why not initiate the radio locator earlier so that the British special forces would arrive sooner?

14.) What happened to the list?

15.) How did Silva overpower armed guards during his escape?

16.) How did Silva know to place an explosive in the room Bond stopped him on the ladder?

17.) How familiar is Silva with London train schedules?

18.) Why didn't Bond shoot Silva the moment he went for the radio?

19.) Why did Bond turn around and allow Silva to climb the ladder before a train even appeared?

20.) Why were all the guards in the courthouse so inept?

21) Why not just break into M's house like Bond did (twice) and shoot her?

22.) Why didn't Tanner take M to safety?

23.) Why didn't Bond take M back to MI6?

24.) Why reintroduce stupid things like car ejection seats?

25.) Why would Bond and Q intentionally lead Silva to M instead of an ambush where M wasn't present?

26.) Why would Bond choose his unfortified mansion to make a last stand?

27.) Why would Bond make a last stand against two dozen heavily armed mercenaries and an attack helicopter with two old shotguns and a Walther?

28.) Why didn't anyone think backup was a good idea at the mansion?

29.) Why did Silva have his men storm the house, rip the walls apart with .50 cal automatic fire, and toss in incendiary grenades, only to then tell them not to harm M?

30.) Why didn't well trained mercenaries check the Aston Martin before proceeding to the house?

31.) Why did it turn into Home Alone for grown ups?

32.) Explosion debris can smash through an armored attack helicopter's windshield but leave exposed ground personnel unaffected?

33.) Why would M and Kincade turn a flashlight on in the middle of a dark open field as Silva and his mercenaries are hunting them?

34.) Why did Silva make the classic mistake of assuming Bond was dying/dead under the ice?

35.) Why would Silva put his gun in M's hand?

36.) Why did M's "only my pride is hurt" injury suddenly become deadly?

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Guest Mutley00

6/10 max and nowhere near as good as any Pierce Brosnan ones. Nearly nodded off during the middle third. And as for the treatment of the DB5 at the end, its a shame the cinema didn't have a cushion I could hide behind. DC also looks as though he's been poured into every suit he wears or am I showing my age & suits are worn skin tight these days?

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I saw it last night - and would give it 8/10.

More insight into characters in this one - and a sequence that would have made Home Alone a lot more fun.

( - there was a watery cheer in the cinema when the DB5 appeared! )

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Well, took my son for his 12th birthday with 3 of his friends.

Most telling for me was that there was NO bond related chatter in the car on the way home. None.

4/10 from me.

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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Caught it last week on [u.S.] opening day in IMAX format, which probably bumped up the wow factor a bit. A nice afternoon's diversion and sufficiently entertaining to keep one awake if you managed a good night's rest the previous evening. Truth be known, I thought Javier Bardem stole the show in several scenes. Can't recall any "look at my watch" moments, but the "bladder endurance test" was becoming a potential player.

7 out of 10.

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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Hey PDF all those 'holes' you mention in Skyfall and you fail to mention that

1. In TSWLM an Esprit cannot change into a submarine.

2. In Moonraker even if you have steel teeth you don't have enough bite pressure to chew through a steel cable.

3. All women in James Bond movies want to sleep with him.

4. Bond turns Pussy Galore 'straight'

5. In Die Another Day you cannot flip a car right side up with an ejector seat.

6. How come Bond uses up all his gadgets before the end of the movie.

7. How clarevoyant must Q be to give Bond the right gadgets?

8. In Goldeneye how does his DB5 keep up with a Ferrari 355?

9. How come all the villains know who Bond is, tell him their evil plot and don't shoot him while he is asleep/having an interlude with a lady/on the loo etc?

Now that's Bond dealt with don't get me started on Back To The Future, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Star Wars etc.

Oh no sorry I got it wrong. These clearly state, along with Skyfall that they are works of fiction.

Otherwise they would be called documentaries, be very boring and on BBC 2 or Channel 4!!

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What was Skyfall out of interest?

It was clearly 'done' according to his interview but I've no idea what he was referring to.

Of course, I'm assuming that not getting the hard drive and 'dying' doesn't equal 'done'.

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The house/estate was called Skyfall. You could see it on the pillars of the entrance to the estate when they arrived there.


Poor...I gave it 4.8/10. It was way too long, and the plot was absurd. :thumbdown:

Can you be a bit more specific on the score please? :lol:

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Evora NA

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Mental. Surely it deserves no more than an 8.3743?

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Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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Like any movie, Skyfall requires a suspension of disbelief once you walk through the cinema doors, otherwise as has been stated it would be a documentary.

Roger Moore's comment in the Hamsters Bond Car feature summed it up. When Cubby Broccolli questioned the logic behind Bond dropping a fish out of the underwater Esprit when it was obviously 'waterproof', Moore simply said "Cubby, its just a movie...."

As usual the market has decided and Craig has signed up for 2 more - for a fee of £31m.

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Proving once again that, for the role in question, it pays to be "buff" and taciturn, scripts notwithstanding. The women eat it up, and the men vicariously identify...if only for a couple of hours. Escapism pure and simple. And isn't that what flics are all about, afterall?

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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Totally engrossed. Thought the movie was pretty slick. Actually wanted the movie to keep going at the end. 8.5/10 for me.

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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Now the biggest grossing film in the UK ever having overtaken Avatar.


Still some way behind the bums on seats measure - largest number of people ever seeing a film was 1939 - Gone With The Wind.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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Sorry, unimpressed. I'd give it 2 out of 10. Bond movies are supposed to be fun, birds and gadgets.

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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