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PROJECT: PHOTO! An Esprit in every factory colour...ever!


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Hi guys, i want this thread to have a picture of every Esprit in EVERY FACTORY COLOUR AVAILABLE SINCE DAY 1 of THE ESPRIT!!!!!! I cant find anything like this anywhere! It hard enough to find a list of all the colours from the earlier days.....recents lists are easy from the Stephens era but going back and back its harder to track. START POSTING A PHOTO OF YOUR CAR!

...maybe we should try to get a definitive list over the 27 years, too?? First?

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Calling Tony K...Calling Tony K...

As far as mine goes, it's undergoing a complete restoration by MikeH who, but the body's done (my son's got his Colorado Orange S1 and I've got mine)...


...and here's Jeff's awesome yellow restored S1 (by Scott) and his probably lowest mileage all-original Federal S1 in Colorado Orange, which was


1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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Quote - "That is a stunning picture!"

Thanks Hopo. Good excuse for another (I promise the last one in this thread!).

We were up in the highlands last Autumn. It rained the entire time. Heading back up there weekend after next - hopefully the weather will be better this time.


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Great looking car mate! perfect scenery for it too...

Here's my two:

the Turbo


The car is away having its internals rebuilt at the mo so i cant check the exact paint code but its some form of Copper/Bronze.

the Na is Helleblau - paint code A15 and i love it.


be interesting to see what comes up for the light blues as there are plenty that look similar but are actually very different when next to one another.

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Sue's Pride and Joy :-


Uploaded with

A33 Ice blue

p.s. I have the S3 manual which lists all of the paint codes. If you ask her nicely I'm sure my lovely wife who is a better typist than me (i.e. not two fingers) would summarise them in the thread


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