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passenger side wing mirror

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Hi folks

My passenger side wing mirror unit is flapping in the wind. I have managed to undo the bolt allowing the unit to dangle down on the wire and have undone the bolt and washer but can't get deep enough inside the unit to see why its not 'gripping' into the different positions.

Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to remove the mirror to look behind it and/or if theres anything that I can do to stabilise the unit.

Many thanks in advance


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Mine was throwing a wobbly a few years back. Managed to undo the two screws so as to remove the whole assy. put loctite on the screws so shouldn't have that problem again.

Is your problem with the two screws (holding it to the door) or with an internal part of the mirror ??

Here's mine removed.


Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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From what you describe this happenend to mine about two weeks ago. At speed on the motorway the mirror was vibrating alot and then began to rotate back wards and when twisted back it would just slip around again. I thought it was going to be a bugger of a job until I accediently moved the black plastic sleeve that covers between the wing mirror and its base that attaches to the body work. As hidden under this cover is a thick metal ring which has a small alan key bolt in it which locks the mirror into position and stops it rotating.

I hope this is the same problem as yours as its a really easy fix. :rolleyes:

EDIT -->> you can see the metal ring in simons' picture. Looks like you've got a solution either way. <_<

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. On my GT3 the single hexagonal screw under the sleeve just connects the whole mirror unit to the car but unfortunatley plays no part in the positioning of the mirror. Ive undone the drivers side mirror unit as a comparison to see if theres anything blatently amiss, but it looks like the problem is still too deep inside the unit. Thanks for the photos Paul. Anyone know how to remove the actual mirror itself?

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Had exactly the same problem. There are three possibilities, one of which you've already eliminated.

1. Loose hex screw in collar.

2. Loose "star" bolt in underside of mirror body.

3. Bracket inside mirror body broken.

From your description I'm pretty sure it'll be No.2.

Andy Whittaker has an excellent illustrated guide to removing the door mirror on his website.

Once you've removed it from the door just invert the mirror and you should be able to see/access the star bolt.

With a bit of luck it'll just be a matter of tightening it up, re-assembly and problem should be solved. We've had to go through the whole process twice now, as it vibrated itself loose again :rolleyes: The 2nd time used Loctite which seems to have done the trick <_<

If you get stuck just give me a shout.


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  • Gold FFM

Ashley, this might have happened....


...but it would be pratically dangling off the door, unless it's just about to go..

A new one of these will cost around

Signature not working...

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Thanks for the help Alan. I pulled the mirror to pieces using James link, and it would appear that something is missing inside the unit. I tried to remove the drivers side mirror to compare but it wont budge :blink: . The mirror itself doesn't work either which isn't really an inconvenience to me and worst comes to worst I'll just try and stabilise it into a fixed but usable general position.

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Sorry to hear that Ashley.

If the whole thing doesn't work anyway sounds like the motor's died. In which case this link may be of interest. TVR also raided the same Citroen parts bin for mirrors for the Griffith, and they're a good deal cheaper than buying directly from Lotus.


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...or if you can't get them from TVR I believe you can also get them from Maclaren (off the F1) or Jag (off the XJ220)

If so might be cheaper from Lotus :blink:


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