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Guys... I need a little feedback if I may...

The recent ebay item (above) has got me thinking...... I have asked Jim to quote me on the loudest exhaust he can for my car... and following my requirements has just come back with what is essentially a straight thru from my 421....

I wanted it built and delivered prior to Scotland.... otherwise no deal...

What say you ????

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2 hours off, 2 hours on. Would you want to bother?

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I'm not generally a fan of overly loud exhausts.

The sports exhaust in Bibs' current SC Evora is nice. I'd like perhaps a tad more fruit, but not much.

Pistol Pete's Stage 1 silencer in his ex-Elise S is about right for that particular car, IMO.

I certainly wouldn't want my Exige any louder. In fact, its volume at tickover is probably a bit much. I reckon it pisses the neighbours off when I fire her up at 5am for a dawn blat!

My Kawasaki sports bike's exhaust is standard. So will be the pipe on my forthcoming BMW 1200 GS. Loud pipes on motorbikes are anti-social IMO........


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I think it would be a bit too much personally, and anti-social. It's a 4 pot K series, it's never gonna have a 'nice' exhaust note it would just be f'ing loud - deal with it! :lol:

You would also be announcing to the local plod that you're approaching from 10 miles away.

Jim should stick to trying to build 421's for customers who asked for them about 3 years ago.

Kent monthly meet is the first Tuesday of the month at the Nevill Bull, Birling

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Well Steve has taken all our interesting points and views on board and after careful consideration....... Ordered a 'bit of pipe that bolts on the end of the 421 then pokes out the back of car" no silencer at all :lol:

You've got to love him, but I'm not following the nut job.

Kent monthly meet is the first Tuesday of the month at the Nevill Bull, Birling

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