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Finally, it's arrived (well almost)


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I have just noticed an exhaust rattle on mine in last couple of months. Low revs and often on start up. Having read this post I was dreading finding a solution but mine was nice and easy. Had one of my sons even travel in the boot, hatch open, up and down the street listening but couldn't find it. In the end washing the car and found the wire mesh grillage round the Exhaust pipe is somehow bent a little and is rubbing under certain conditions. Phew!

A LEGS man and proud to declare it! Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland

Autocar's Best UK Drivers Car 2009. Car's Performance Car of the Year 2009; Evo's Car of the Year 2009. Top Gear Sports Car of the Year 2009

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Rob.... did you get your car back yet? Is it sorted??

I'm curious about the exhaust noise too, I get the tiniest, slightest vibrating noise occasionally, it doesn't bother me at all, reminds me a little of the 'tizz' I used to get on my old Elise S1 with the stainless exhaust. Apparently there was an 'Anti Tizz' bracket available to fix that one.

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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Hi Rob, beeing in Mauritius on holiday and having plenty of time on the beach, I read all your stories. As an owner of a often critizised Launch Edition, I must say, that apart of some Evoradeseases At the beginning (3years ago) mine is perfect and drove me now over 60,000 km all over without problems. An absolute fantastic car and as I am very often in the Alps, I always felt the potential of the Evora on the mountain roads. Grip and handling are simply gorgeous. Apart of the tyremelting effect on rear, the maintainance is good. Good luck. Ritchie

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On delivery of my Evora the - German - mechanic spent a whole da doing the incoming inspection. He showed me the notes he made - two full A4 pages of things that needed fitting, adjustemnt or correction. This may have been the most usefull day spent on the car. :gathering:

Very valid point. A thorough pre delivery inspection on a car like this is essential.

As is a thorough inspection of the whole car whenever it comes in for a service or a routine, check, change of tyres.

A lot of a car-owning experience is down to the dealer, even with more mainstream makes.

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over 60,000 km all over without problems. An absolute fantastic car and as I am very often in the Alps, I always felt the potential of the Evora on the mountain roads.

Ritchie, That must be the highest mileage Evora around ! Mine has also been very good indeed. my other cars have been off the road recently, so I have used the Evora as my daily driver and it has been absolutely brilliant. I also confirm that apart from the tyre budget, maintenance costs so far have been extremely reasonable.

While i found the reading of Rob S' adventures very interesting, especially the part when the beakdown BMW broke down, I am pained that a 'chatty' ( and i mean this in the nicest possible way) Evora owner has been plagued with so many problems. It paints a picture that is not representative of all the cars on the road.

Anyway, that s what happens on a forum. Happy owners are less likely to write than ones who suffer.

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Sorry to have been quiet for a while - I've been a bit snowed under recently (not literally, even though I live in Switzerland!).

Let me clear up a couple of things here.... I love my Evora, as with every other Lotus I have owned before it, and since it came back from the last service, it has been running perfectly. Bruno at Schaffner Racing is an absolute star, and while I was away on holiday he sorted out every issue on my bad-list. The car is now brilliant, better than I ever expected, and I would highly recommend it.

I agree that this thread may give a bad impression to the casual reader, but on the other hand I also believe that people should be aware of possible issues when considering Lotus ownership. It is not a mass market product, and it is not subjected to the same levels of development, testing and quality control that the major luxury brands can afford. Consequently there is a higher chance of issues than with, for example, a Porsche. However, I hope that I made my view on this clear earlier in the thread... but just to reiterate, if you are willing to accept the risk of an occasional :) issue, the Evora is an amazing car. In fact, I consider mine to be the best car I've owned.

My hope is that, after reading this thread, the casual reader will take away the following key messages:

1. If you buy a Lotus, do so with the knowledge that the risk of issues is higher than with some other premium brand cars (although every manufacturer has its off-days)

2. If you do have an issue, there is a knowledgable, friendly and passionate community here to help

3. Lotus mechanics have demonstrated some of the most outstanding levels of customer service I've ever seen

4. There are very few cars on the planet, regardless of price, that can come anywhere near the experience of a well-sorted Lotus

5. The build quality of the Evora is actually extremely high, and a huge leap compared to Lotus' of old

6. The overall ownership experience must be extremely good, as after all the issues documented in this thread, I'm still willing to state that my Evora is the best car I've ever owned, and to drive is simply petrol-head heaven!

Rob S
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