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Gearchange Issues dissected

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Are you rev  matching when you go down the box, ie heel n toe, as that will definitely help, but the 3rd to 2nd change will normally not be as smooth as other downshifts.

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Nope, but thats a whole other conversation which I've started a thread on previously 🙈 (I've been able to H&T blip on all my other cars but my Evora just won't do it consistently- 4>3 is fine but 2>3 just doesn't work, the blip amount is inconsistent and varies every time I blip, and either too much or too little from the same amount of pedal push. It makes no sense. Some people have said it's to do with a fuel pump cutout which is active when the clutch is down).

But anyway, I'll try adjusting the cables this week anyway and see if that makes 3>2 any better

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I have no issue on H&T on my car, totally predictable. I know that the later cars have a very common complaint from reviewers that they are inconsistent, I wonder if it's worse on the supercharged cars (different throttle map I guess)

I think lots of things affect the gearchange quality, it evolves through a drive in my experience, which makes sense as the cables will expand/contract at different temperatures. Mine is very slick once up and running. It can be a bit 'manly' in the depths of winter when you've just set off, specifically 2 -> 1. Not the biggest issue in the world but it goes away after a mile or so. Oily bits, they have soul, no two the same!



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