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Chris Southam

Set of Wolfrace rims

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Hi guys, I'll put it out there but I'd dearly love to get my hands on a set from the S1 at some point in my Esprit ownership.

I always keep my eyes pealed for them, but yet to see a full set for sale.

I'm talking the original 14" 7J/6J ones too, not those 15" remakes ;)

In fact, I don't suppose anyone would be kind enough to give the complete stats for the Wolfrace rims?

Stud diameter, offset etc

I've got an original sales brochure for the S1 but it just lists tyre size and 7J on the front, 6J on the rear.

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Do you know what, after searching and searching and basically always ending up back on TLF, having read countless people looking for the Wolfrace Slot Mags I'm going to stick with the Speedlines.

I think once they've been spun back and gone from dull gold back to a nice silver I'll be really happy.

Only a true (crazy) fan would know the difference in the rims from the Bond car, and by then they would have noticed I haven't got a tartan interior or orange carpets either!

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