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Alex Carter

just got in from france

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been there all week on a bit of a break cover 500 miles in a happy lotus . After a rather spirited drive home from portsmouth i found a bmw 1m to play with after showing him a leson in cornering i gave the car some loud pedal and seemed to lose all boost i have noticed a slight rattle and ticking from the exhausts right bank i think and after some reading i guess i have a blocked cat stopping the boost .

i have read about cutting and welding but my pipes /cats do looks old so i might as well replace them all . i understand the standard lotus cats are exspensive so wondered about these any one used them

they do a left and a right ? what do you recon

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Before you start buying stuff pell mell - I would really recommend you take it to someone who may charge you - but is likely to be able to diagnose your issue far quicker. Trust me - I have been through similar incidents and wished that I had taken it to a specialist - Like Sparky (who is a little nearer to you than Gerald @ GST). Those guys know Esprits like the back of their hands and I would trust them implicitly. The description you have given could be a few things and I'd hate for you to waste hard earned cash on the wrong thing!!

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Make sure you speak to PNM Engineering if you do need Cats

I fitted a pair of their 200 cell sports cats and centre exit exhaust in March this year.

Great price for the Cats (which did need just a little fettling) and sound and performance are beautifull(possibly as much to do with the exhaust i know).

Sensors just plug in and passed a MOT in April with cleaner emmissions than last year.

Speak to Peter as to whether they suite a standard exhaust as his knowledge is great.

You will end up banging your head against a wall re delivery dates etc.but i reckon on a cost/result basis well worth it.


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rizla who is sparky please and where to find them / him .

i have got the two side exit tail pipes on mine no back box thats been removed .

the tail pipes have clamps on them but never seem to tighten properly and slip under the car as the brackets only hold from the side i was thinking about fabricating a bar to go between them to give some proper support

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the known to be weak clamps sit tight if you cut one, or more both for each side and make them smaller ..weld the shortened ends back together. refit and thight up as you may think for years now on mine.

prior to any purchase of replacements I would reccoment to inspect the condition of your catalyst system, this can be done by undoing them from the car and place a small light into the rear o2-sensor hole to inspect the rear catalyst or use a fibre optic to inspect the front one.

Or as said -simply get in contact with sparky, the man with the long pliers who knows how to use tools ! ;) (inside joke about a friedly funny guy with petrol in the blood)

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