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IPS NA gear change woes...(sort off)

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Not sure if any of the IPS owners experienced before gb over-rev during spritied drive ?

I have noticed that if you do sedated driving, say 160-180kmh constant for a while and you pedal to the metal, the GB actually reacts by dropping down 2 gears to 4th gear. When this happen, the GB will go into over-rev more than 6000rpm and it stalls(over-rev protection), you can't do anything except to release your accelerator and let it upshift to 5th gear before you try to accelerate again.

this is rather frustrating, at the time when you need to do highspeed accelerate, the GB goes bonker by dropping 2 gears and then goes into over-rev mode.

anyone of you experienced this sympthom before ?


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Not seen that but sounds outside of the parameters you'd expect for the gearchange if the speed and current rpm means it will overspeed in another gear.

As a temp solution, can you use the Sport button and have it in full time manual?

Your dealer can reprogram the IPS with their tech centre, they do the final calibration on it anyway and you'll also get upgraded to later software if there is any, I'd recommend that route first.

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thanks bibs, i have tried in sports mode. less likely to go into over-rev but it still does. even in manual, the GB is a lil hesitant(in manual) from 5th to 4th. There will be times it goes into over-rev. the know the ips is just a auto-box, but i felt that at times, the gear change is rather slow vis-a-via to the power delivery during sprited driving. it goes to 6000rpm to fast, it;s very likely that you won't be able to make a gear change when it hits 6000 and above.

i did have a word with the local lotus dealer and they couldn't find any error on the logs. anyway they have suggested to reflash the TCU. 1/2 day job and hopefully it's just a software glitch rather than mechanical.

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Tell them if they're struggling that Lotus ASO will be happy to help. I've just spoken to a calibration engineer there for you about your problem and he gave me the advice I posted above.

It should all be covered by your warranty too :D

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hi guys, recently after an aggressive drive up the mountain, 3 issues cropped up.

1. The engine died while slowing down. This has happened 3 times. I felt that it is very dangerous as the car behind doesn't know that your engine has just shut off.

2. This is super annoying, i do not know how to explain this, so forgive me if i can't explain it well. From 1st gear going into 2nd gear, there is a delay/drag and the RPM goes up by 500rpm before it settles down and upshift the gear. This also happens from 3rd to 4th gear. Sounded very embarrassing, it is as if you over-rev the engine and the clutch couldn't lock in to change the gear.

3. When you do hard acceleration from standstill(with sports mode), the 2nd gear fails to upshift to 3rd and this inadvertently stalls the engine. It will not upshift until you ease off the throttle. This problem also happen while you are on 4th gear trying to shift to 5th.

I have demo-ed it to the Lotus guys in Malaysia and they do not have a good answer as well... SOP is to wait for UK Lotus to provide feedback, duh...

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Hi Eric,

a question to your second point - I think you are describing exactly what I am showing in my video, aren't you ?

Could you please have a look at this post here in this forum:


Sounds crazy, but I would be happy if I found another member on this earth having the same

problem as me.

And because no one here seemed to have this behaviour I have been searching over the sea

and found some IPS owners in their forum:

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hi Wolf,

YES, exactly the same problem!!! phew, i'm not alone :)

I made hell of noise to Lotus Malaysia as it costs me close to half a mil to own this car and i'm getting a crappy gearbox.

We have changed the ATF @ 11,000km. Erase the ECU/TCU and did a "green learn" to kinda reprogram the gearbox responses. Same problem...

To be frank, the Head of Lotus in Malaysia is also a very hands-on person and I have 2 different answers for now.

Lotus A - Software issue, can be resolve.

Lotus B - Potential gearbox issue, clutch slip(wear) @ gear 2 and Gear 4.

Anyway, I am allowing both person A and person B to look into the problem and resolve it. Even the head of Lotus Malaysia also concur that the gear slip(flarring) is way too long.

Can you pls do another test to see if your car exhibits the same issue as mine...

Turn on sports mode. Do hard acceleration(pedal to the metal), can your gear upshifts from 1st --> 6th ? Mine is stuck at gear 2 (clutch slip) and the only way to let it upshift to 3rd is to ease off the accelerator. By then, you would have lost valuable time esp when you are in a drag race. stupid gearbox. I'm not letting this off easily.

I know lotus malaysia is working closely with lotus UK on this matter. Will keep you posted on how they solve my car's problem. Which I expect soon...


are you able to get your local lotus dealer to check what is the ECU & TCU version ? I want to see if we are having the same software revision.

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Yeahh, welcome to the club :rambo:

My local Lotus dealer already checked the ATF level and also changed it, replaced the transmission control box

and updated to the newest TCU version (from "A" to "F")

But I need to mention that I don't felt much difference between level "A" and "F".

Tomorrow I will call my Lotus dealer and ask which ECU is installed, I don't know details, only know it is the newest one ...

Eric, it would be great if you also could tell me yours ECU & TCU version.

We did the "green learn" for minimum 4 times now, without any changes


I had something similar as you described it with the upshifts before we did the last "green learn" process.

I did have no special problems from the 1st to 2nd, all gears had the same behaviour:

By doing a hard acceleration in sports mode I felt that the 3 lights for the rev-control came to late, that means

even if I shifted when the first led came it was too late.

Sometimes the rev was running into the rev limiter, sometimes everything was o.k. except the engine sound

(perhaps the sound of a "nearly" reached rev) but the shifting was very hard and abrupt.

Since the last "green learn" everything is fine again, the shifting is possible without reaching the rev limiter.

Perhaps you should start a new "green learn" process ... :huh:

So after all this measures we have done we believe that all the problems are software related.

Actually (at least since the last 500km) I have found a workaround for the "delay" problem:

I was upshifting in sport mode and the delay was as we know it.

The road was flat and I did only a slow acceleration.

Knowing that the software is learning the shifting process all the time I was going to hold the velocitiy

and was again downshifting, upshifting, downshifting ...

I did that for about 5-15 times and experienced that it was getting better and better with every step.

So I did this for all gears, since then I do not have any delays.

But I still have two strange gearbox problems:

A) is similar to yours, it is the delay between 3 to 4 gear, as also shown in my videos

but this only happens once, only when I run the car with cold engine and transmission.

In warm conditions it will not happen.

B) This is something which makes me loosing my hair (at least my last one ;) )

I was driving on the motorway with 130km/h in sports mode, without acceleration on a flat road.

Before I have been shifting manually and therefore the transmission should not be able to change the gears.

But without doing anything the gear was changed to 5, the rev was going up to nearly 6000rpm

and in half of a second the 6th gear was set back again. Also I was hearing a short scratching noise

out of the gearbox. This complete process lasted only 1 or 2 seconds.

So I have two questions

1. Why was the rev going up to nearly 6000rpm, this can't be when driving 130km/h in gear 5 ?

2. Where did the scratching noise came from ?

Thinking about this scenario could also happen when driving faster (more than 230km/h)

will perhaps cause an engine collapse :on2long:

P.S. see you also at lotustalk :B)

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So here is the information for the installed versions on my Evora, got it today from my local Lotus dealer:

TCU ... "E"

ECU ... "H"

should be the latest software version.

IPS ... ImPerfectSolution 3gears.gif

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