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I adjusted the pods, screwing out the rose jointed link ends according to the Service Notes (S3) so the pod was flush at its lowest point. When the motor was reconnected its rest position was out with the lamp raised 2cm. Is there a way of adjusting the headlamp pod motor rest / off position?

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I believe the operating arm fits on a you can vary the position by relocating it. Might be wrong, though...years since I looked there!! Other than that, the stop position is set by wipers on copper tracks on an internal pcb...this wears and the stop position becomes variable. Then it's time for some ingenuity.......! Can't help further as I've never delved in there.

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Thanks John, I'm going to hope the park position can be reset by slotting the crank arm back a spline or two.

Thanks Chris, our cars use the same TR7 headlamp motor. Sadly the manual override doesn't change the position at which the motor stops when the lights are raised or lowered electrically.

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I had this exact problem. You need to loosen the 4 bolts that attach the bracket to the pod and adjust the fore/aft position till you get an equal height on both pods and then adjust the push rods accordingly till you get them to park flush with the body and raise by the same amount.

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