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New, custom 17x8/17x10", 5 bolt wheels.

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I'm going to be building a set of 17" wheels for my Esprit (5x120). I have the opportunity to have two sets of these wheels built, but I obviously only need one set.

The particulars:

These are BBS RC090 (BMW E39, 5 series) wheels that are being modified for the Esprit. The final wheels will be 17x8 ET20 and 17x10ET-10. They are two piece aluminum wheels, and I was going to finish them with black centers and silver rims.

I will be sourcing hub centric rings and everything, including the Lotus center caps.

These have a basket weave pattern similar to the once-piece BBS wheels that are stock on the Esprit.

I will be posting the specifics of a "how to" here on the forum later. The front wheels are stock RC090 wheels, the rears are the same wheels stretched to 10" wide to get the correct offset.

I have verified that the wheel will clear the suspension on the rear of the car.

I don't have a total cost of the package yet (I have been scouring to get the wheels, but I still need to get center caps). My guess is that this should be around US$2000 + shipping for a set of four.

My goal is something like this (not my photo, just something representative for the style I'm working toward):


As I said I can only make one additional set... one and it's gone. I'm just trying to get a feeler to see if there is any interest. If not, I'll sell the extra set of four stock wheels I've acquired and build a set just for myself.

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1997 Jeep XJ | 1983 Lotus Turbo Esprit

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*SO* tempting -as if I didn't already spend enough on this car- but just not in the budget unless some sort of miracle occurs.

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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Test fitting one of the wheels.


Clearance in the rear... suspension tucks nicely inside the wheel.


Control arm is close at full droop, but still plenty of room.


And a quick and dirty color study in photoshop

Top left are the new wheels, top right are the existing 15" wheels.


1997 Jeep XJ | 1983 Lotus Turbo Esprit

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I did the same for choosing the color of my house, cheap way to make sure you get what you wish to get!

It's not my car but the black on black is a killer...


Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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If it was my car I'd either leave them all silver or do gold centres like my original wheels...but more likely all silver, brilliant natural metal colour rather than silver paint.

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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The BBS le Mans are gorgeous. 

The cheaper alternative is Remotec, which often are used on BMW 5s. A set of 16x8/9 will do nicely. Still not many tire options.


I use 16x8 Remotecs on the rear fitted with 255/45x16 Eagles (used on Camaros in US of A).  A spacer is needed. Hard to find this tire in Europe. They work well, but the rubber is not fresh anymore and lacking grip in wet.


Going to 17" will affect handling negatively (tried on another S3 Turbo). This is mostly for visual appearance.

18" is definitely only visual appearance - and a question of good taste perhaps.

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