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Boost gauge going nuts

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Hi guys,

Drove the Esprit earlier today to work and all was fine, came home, had a tiny nap, and went out for a drive again.

Start it up, all seems normal, except as I start driving, i notice the boost gauge is jumping around violently, not even giving gas, and its all over the place.

I drove it for a while, and everything seems normal with the actual boost and delivery. Its just the damn needle making me paranoid. The needle is stuck all the way to the far right (Max), and sometimes dropping down and jolting about, especially on uphills around 2000-3000 rpm.

Would appreciate any advice



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sounds like the electrical connection between the boost gauge transducer and the dash is loose... I would start at the boost gauge transducer under the right side arch, behind the right side fuel filler, tucked up in the body work.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Yes. Two oil guages are standard. Im aware that the earlier Esprits had a boost guage as standard, but thought they did away with it on the S4-unless it was different on the very first S4's?

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Cool, will start off there. Thamks for the advice. I have two oil gauges aswell, one for temp and one for pressure. Plus the boost gauge in the top middle of the dash. Mine is a US MY 95 S4 imported to europe. Might be why theres a difference in the layout. I know there are several small diffrences from the euro to the US market ones.

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