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Why did they do this?


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I just performed a lot of work on the engine of my 1987 Esprit US FED car. At 70k miles since I was replacing the timing belt and everything else in between, I planned on replacing the water pump. There's a pesky bolt that requires removal of the auxiliary drive gear for the distributor / oil pump. To make removing the gear easier I removed the upper alternator mount which holds the long horizontal bolt. To my surprise when I removed the three bolts securing this bracket there was a hole about an 1" 1/4 wide and 2" long looking down into the front of the motor. Here comes the weird part... the bracket had a 'cavity' in it which was sealed with a clear silicone against this hole.

My question is: What purpose does this cavity serve and why is that hole there? I cannot see it serving any useful purpose and it needs to be sealed if the bracket is removed / reinstalled otherwise you will end up with an oil leak. I didn't want to use silicone as I was concerned if a glob squeezed out it could go into the motor so I used a halomar. Then I ended up with a big oil leak so I pulled everything apart again but this time just FI lines and alternator and made a gasket. They could have just made the bracket to blank off the hole instead of making a cavity in it. Why did they do this?



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For those brave enough to do a water pump I'll tell you this.

Lotus or the 'engine maker' used 6mm bolts. It doesn't require much effort to snap one of the bolts and if you do so it will require pulling the engine for repair.

Here comes the 'hairy part' you can spray any rust lubricant you want on these screws and as everyone say's work them 'back and forth.' but then as 'Neil Young' said 'Comes A time' when it will snap. That feeling is achieved when you try to move the bolt back and forth and it will not turn in either direction. Plan on pulling the motor because there is no way I think it could be repaired with engine in car.

My Edit for grammer or proper spelling. Could the other US guys do this??? Give me a f'n break.. the boneheads that say "Break" instead of what they really mean is "Brake"

Chopper Reid would set these idots straight!

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Yep, my 89 SE also has that window into the oil pump. Took a gasket and hondabond to seal...

I've rebuilt the water pump, leaving the engine in place several times, but replacing a broken bolt would be easier with the engine out...


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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My pump felt fine. no raspy feeling in the bearing and the seals + weep hole were dry so after cracking a couple of bolts as I have the 'feel' I decided to leave it alone. Jeff at JAE said this was not a common failure on 910 motors, Have to give the guy credit he won't try and sell you something you don't need.


What is 'hondobond' as I've never heard of it. I used the sticky side of the gasket to hold it in place on the bracket and 'Indian Gasket' sealer on the bottom side, no leaks so far.



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Hondabond, Yamabond are available from your local motorcycle dealer (Honda, Yamaha). I believe it is also equivalent to Threebond. All good stuff for gasket holding or if you have smooth machined surfaces to seal.


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Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder if this explains the mysterious oil-drip I have? I recently did a whole bunch of gaskets and cleaned the living daylights out of the engine...and a big drip keeps coming down the front-right corner of the pan and I've been going nuts trying to find the source. Will have to look into this.

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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