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Odd Ball Antenna?

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Got an electric on my S3. Not sure if it was standard, but I believe its the original fitment :blink:

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The S4 change all had the roof one as far as i know.

Is yours a very early S4? (93/94)


Maybe, it has a weird Carfax history in that it is a 1994 but was not registered until 1996.


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Well - it looks as though the old antennas were on the first couple of S4 s off the production line - must be 93. Very odd though. One of the reasons for buying my S4 was because it had the 'higher reliability' whip antenna.

I'm sure I've read somewhere where someone has replaced the older style one with the newer whip type.

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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I'm sure I've read somewhere where someone has replaced the older style one with the newer whip type.


I have a whippy one!

The PO put it on, still have the old one but will get it filled at some point.

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Guest ibayliss

I have a 1994 S4 US spec # 61242 which is the first one with the revised wiring harness. :D

Mine had an electric retractable telescope antenna on the LH rear wing. Although I am the third owner, I am pretty sure it was an original fitment. This is because it looked as though somebody had thought very carefully about the fittings and the power was included in the Lotus wiring loom.

I replaced it with an amplified roof antenna from Bosch and used the old hole for my mobile phone antenna. I must say that FM radio reception with the roof antenna is the same but the AM reception is not as good because the antenna is optimised for FM and there is far more electrical interference from the engine.

It is a shame because I like listening to BBC Radio 4 and also to AFN on medium wave. Remember the old saying - There is no substitute for the ammount of metal you can put in the air when it comes to radio reception.

I am fitting a new S4s rear wing and will probably have to buy one of those combined Radio / Phone antenna for the roof. I bet the reception is even worse!! :P

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Mine is a 1986 car and had an electric, telescopic, front left, wing wart!

I have simply had the aerial removed and the hole filled!

What aerial?!

MP3's and CD's are the way forward!

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Guest Troy Halliday

I removed mine from my S3 by a populat vote on this forum and have glassed over it. I have yet to decide on an arial type but will find out about one of those boot arials. Anyone tried one.

As for plugging the hole you could try a gromit but it will still be a wart as Robin so aptly puts it.

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i have no aerial at all on my gt3 (now that the future lol, eh fishy) and it still picks up all the radio stations (only found that out the other day after it went for mot lol)

i say NO to electric and whippy (makes the car look lower with no aerials)


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