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Best filler for crack repair

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I mentioned using resin and microballs instead of the traditional filler in another thread. Not wishing to hijack that thread I thought I would start another to clear up my own confusion. I have read on a couple of websites and in a book concerning the use of filler. These sources (one regarding boat repair and the other two car body repair) recommend not using "off the shelf" filler but instead using resin mixed with microballs. Two people on the forum have contradicted this and although at the time I didn't realise that traditional filler was in fact resin and filler and therefore the same thing, I then wondered why the book and websites would say this. It appears that the book etc talk about using epoxy resin and microballs. Most fillers are polyester resins. I assume they recommend this because epoxy bonds better to "old" glass fibre than polyester and can be moulded more easily when it is thinner. This would seem reasonable as when I bought my supply of resin, the supplier also recommended using epoxy over polyester.

Are there any experts out there that can clear this up for me and put this subject to bed once and for all?

Cheers, Nic.

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I'm no expert but unless you have huge cracks, I'd go with the epoxy resin only.

Also, another reason tu use epoxy over polyester is that it will remain somewhat more flexible once cured than polyester.


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