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Pistachio lime green Elite?

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I have stripped my Elite of it's paint and now have to decide whether to re-paint in original and very boring silver or not.

I love the Pistachio lime green colour but would it look right on an Elite? any thoughts and opinions?

I have done a bit of research about this colour and I cant find anybody that will supply it in cellulose anyway, does anybody have a paint supplyer that will do all the Lotus cellulose colours?

I am doing this at home due to the cost and I am afraid that I haven't had good results with metalics in the past so solid colours only, red and yellow are nice but I fancied something different and dramatic to go with that 70's shape.

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I think alot of 70's cars look great in pistaccio green .. I say go for it :thumbsup:

Here's an espada in that colour : :wub:






I think an elite would go very well with this line up :)

I guess you can kind of get an idea from this elite .. I think it would look pretty cool !



Found another elite in a similarish colour .. I'm on a roll now :harhar:



Vin Taylor

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Out of fashion for a long time, Lime or Pistachio green now seems to be regarded as uber cool and mainstream.

This was a nice one for sale recently;


And a couple of project cars described as "Le Mans green", never heard of this, or whether it's the same as "Mint Green"





In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Paul, just noticed that your car is an S2 rather than an S1 (where the lime was an option). If you are going for a colour change have you thought about white which looks absolutely fan-bleedin-tastic on Elites (IMHO)



In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Pistachio paint has arrived today and I couldn't resist putting a coat on the bonnet to see what it looks like.....WOW! what an amazing colour!

Mark I know what you mean about white but it was a bit too wanabee Bond for for my liking..... and I had already ordered the paint :)

The bright colour might distract from the quality of the finish as I am painting it myself with borrowed kit, the cost of a profesional job out weighed the price of the car unfortunatley.

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I have been stripping the engine bay out, I thought I could get away with it but in the end decided to do as good a job as I can.

So lots of extra work that I hope will be worth it.

I have given the doors, bonnet, sill panels and pods a good coat of green and they look quite fair if a bit orange peel.

I just need a to finish the engine bay and prime the shell next.

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Good luck with this, my dad & I did my Elan M100 Pistachio, in fact it's the one Vin posted a picture of above, although that was taken before I changed the wheels to a graphite Grey colour.

I look forward to seeing how yours turns out :)

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Winter is rapidly aproaching and I still haven't painted the shell!

Other things keep getting in the way but I am so nearly there, a couple of pictures of the extra work i gave myself.

The problem is it was originaly painted in two pack and I am painting in Cellulose which would react if I dont remove every trace of it, never mind nearly there now.



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Hi Vin,

I have had a whirlwind of other work to do lately which includes a new job working on Elise servicing so it has had to take a back seat for the last few months, but the offer of a garage for the winter has been a great boon!

She is fully primed and repaired, doors, bonnet, sills and pods are painted in green (and look great!) just need to lay the paint on the shell now.

Is there anybody out there that has a good pair of chrome rear hatch hinges? as mine are in a bad way.



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  • Gold FFM

Luverly colour and great choice. I may have a set of chrome hinges on an Elite I am breaking for parts, I will have a look today and see the condition, any other parts you want me to look at while I am down in my garage.



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