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Insurance company say get one... so what's the deal?

Are there good one's, bad one's, how much, are they a pain to have fitted, etc? I know nothing about them!

Ta in advance. :thumbup:

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I bought one for 180€ in Germany and hat it fitted at the dealer. Took him about 15 Minutes. Downside is you need a mobile SIM card, which will give you a monthly fee - in my case 10€.

Might add though, that the dealer laughed at me for doing it. Told me the market for stolen Evoras is so small that he didn't know of a single one. The general market for stolen cars in Eaastern Europe has not interest in the Evora because it would just disappear in the potholes they have there.

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I have tracker fitted to both my cars. If you go for the tracker monitor you can pay a one off fitting fee and a one off subscription which makes sense if you are keeping the car.

I know it works :) while the car was in for servicing- engine out, new clutch etc the movement sensor was activated and they rang to see if the car was secure!

Once you pay the fitting and subscription - that's it no more cost. All UK police forces are equipped with the detectors and all ports are also equipped. It is insurance company recognised and I have in the past got discounts for having it fitted.

PM me if you want to know more - obviously don't want to say too much on an open forum. The whole point of tracking systems is to be covert. If you advertise they are fitted the thieves trash the car trying to find it.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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