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Esprit and sportbikes


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just curious

many names and avatars indicate ownership of a sportbike

i myself own a 97 gsxr 750 and an 06 zx-10r

i have to say that i know much more about pushing my scooters to the limits

than i know about how to drive the Esprit hard

both are very rewarding!

I just liquidated my sportbike collection. My riding bikes were a 2002 Yamaha R1 and 2000 Ducati 996. It depended on how I was feeling on which bike I would take out.

However at age 42 and with lots of luck, I never ran into any serious issues, so on that note I am cashing in my chips, counting my lucky stars and letting my wife sleep at night, bu-bye bikes, hello lotus.

Although, I have seen the speedo on my duck hit 280KM/h, I doubt that the Esprit that I am purchasing will come anywhere close to that as it sits now.

I am now migrating to the world of Lotus. I thought that I would throw my two cents in.

BTW, my most favorite bike I ever owned has to be the 98 GSX 750 R.

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