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Exige picture & video thread


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Mmmh....although this color looks much better, you switched from a Exige S to a Exige S.

Why exactly ? There's no noticeable difference in driving. I'd understand buying a Exige 360 or Cup or the upcoming Exige 400.

Congrats anyway !

I tend to change my cars every 2 years and the Exige 400 is probably 18 months - 2 years away. I'll swap this one for a 400

All Lotus's for some time have been fitted with AP brakes. They've just been branded 'Lotus' for a while :)

Have a word with Scott Walker about this!

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First time at Goodwood yesterday. Fantastic track for the V6 and another great LoT day, even with the sessions probably one of my favourite track days to date.


Very wet and slippery all morning and early afternoon, although managed to get a dry session at the end of the day where we were lapping at 1:30. The Type R was driven by someone who knew the track well so we had a good blast, although his tyres were shredded by the end. I was losing a lot of time in St Mary's, need to man up there a bit:



Tacked on an earlier session at the end.

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Lotus Register -

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I thought I would do a bit of work on my garage, gave it a good clean out and dust, re-arranged everything, added some sockets and trunking.


Found some registration plates from my last exige and with the spare ones for my LF1 decided to put them on the walls.


Also got some LF1 promo photos laminated to brighten up the brick wall.


What do you reckon?



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Great shot! I hope CTRMint got some dry laps too? Still looks at home on the track.




He certainly did, the morning was a washout but after lunch the blue sky arrived and he had lots of fun. I did too and i was only a passenger.  :smoke:

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Some great pictures on here!

I'm new to the forum and just recently picked up my Daytona Blue Exige. Here's a short video that my son made over the weekend of the car:



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