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Exige picture & video thread


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2 hours ago, Jcx said:

Best colour on the new configurator IMO.  Is it the same as the renault or mazda red?  Looks similar - amazing depth.

It’s not a triple layer metallic like the Mazda Soul Red you refer to. That colour can look a bit OTT in some lights I feel anyway - it is impressive but just not convinced it’s right.  Fire Red is a classier colour.....more a pearlescent with a gold fleck through it - it changes a lot dependant on’s a colour that I never tire of looking at😎

The photos below show how much it can change......very moody when in low light and the gold fleck comes through in direct sunlight as you can see in the 3rd pic down - all taken prior to rear panel and wing change.






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27 minutes ago, tim_marra said:

Looks similar to chilli red, but with less metallic?

Deeper and darker I’d say......but the gold fleck in strong sunlight does bring out a look similar to how chilli red worked in sunlight. It’s more like Ruby Red with a gold fleck

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How did you do the cat-scratches on the front access panel and roof? Paint or decals? I take it the Matt black part between the roof and rear access panel is film and not paint? Looks great - I’m still considering it for my car.

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i bought the paint stencils from lotus for the stripes, i then bought tracing paper from officeworks supplier,,,,i traced the stencils freehand onto tracing paper firmly so as to keep the pacer pencil in line with stencil. i then bought yellow pearl vinyl which luckily for me is nearly a spot on match for the cars paint job. I then put knifeless tape onto my tracing paper following my trace i did using the stencil. I then cut small strips of vinyl  so as to overlap my trace and stuck it down onto the knifeless traces  i made. Then i pulled the tape and was left with stripes exact to the stencil i bought for lotus. I did it this was so as to keep my stencils i bought from lotus in tact and use in future if i needed it. Also by doing the traces like i did, im able to remake new stripes easily by just putting knifeless tape over the trace and making a new stripe if my others get damaged or whatever. 


it was a tedious annoying 8 or so hours but it worked out in the end. I could have just used the stencils from lotus and taken the parts to a paint shop and have them painted on using the stick on stencils, but i dont know if in a few years if i will get sick of striped look so i can remove if i want this way. The shark fins can be bought ready cut from lotus.


the matt back film on the back is also vinyl and i did that myself also 3m 2080 using knifeless tape. 


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I'd forgotten we did a version of this with music! 


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