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Speed Awareness Courses

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I got caught on the A11 just south of the Mildenhall roundabout doing 58 in a 50 and did the speed awareness thing at the sports village in Norwich, I was not the oldest and I am in my mid 50s, most of the others had been nabbed on 30mph cameras round Norwich. I thought the course was OK but a bit boring.


GF did one last year having been snapped near what I still call the Jenny Lind hospital in Norwich.

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I still can't work out how speed kills. Surely it is the sudden stop that kills. They should change the name to "Sudden Stop Awareness Courses".


Isn't it, rather, the speed differential between people's bodies and bits of metal and plastic that kill?


This might be due to suddenly stopping (e.g. driving into a brick wall) or suddenly starting (e.g. someone driving a lorry into the back of a stationary car).


It's a bit of a truism that speed kills. If nothing were moving at all, then there wouldn't be accidents on the roads, and the faster the speed differentials, the more energy is in the system and the smaller the reaction times that are needed to avoid an accident, but it's not really the point is it?


I'd like the courses renamed to "Awareness of other people courses". That then would cover every road sin from cyclists running down pedestrians crossing on the green man to the person hurtling through a village without any care about the possibility that some poor old bloke and his dog might be about to try to cross the road... I think lack of awareness is the killer. Inappropriate speed is just a common symptom... and yes, I think that 'dangerous lack of awareness of other people' should be something the police do something about, whatever the form of transport. (I'm a cyclist too and I get pissed off on a daily basis by the lack of regard some cyclists have for others, and irritated by the police's lack of concern about this)


(end of pious sermon!)

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