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Certainly no rap - is that how it's spelt? - involved! Today's FT has a glossy supplement entitled "Wealth" or some such, covering the sort of up-market advertising and pieces you can imagine. Amongst them is a two-page spread on the Evora S, being a review and comments from a trip across France on secondary roads.

It's all good positive stuff, barring the - presumably latest and supposedly improved - satnav and radio, which is said to be difficult to use. (I can't comment further as I avoided the earlier tech kit version and am constantly pleased with my self-fitted TomTom Live.)

For me the highlight of the FT piece is the full page photo. The car is a dark colour and beautifully semi-lit against a forest background. It looks very elegant. Of it's sort, the best I have seen.

Recommended for those that can afford to buy the FT! I read mine in the library.

I've posted this here rather than in the Evora section because I believe it reflects a PR approach relevant to the whole Lotus story.

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Hi Mel

Many thanks for the hint - the article, photos and a nice Video is on also

Just coming back from a very nice day round Trip in bavaria organized by Schuttenbach/munich I have to underline that the EvoraS iS a huge pleasure on Country roads what was mentioned by Ft also!

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Amazing! So DRB hasn't haltet all marketing efforts!

Maybe there is hope :unworthy:

If you have the choice between a Stairway to Heaven and a Highway to Hell don't forget the Nomex®!

Captain,  Lotus Airways. We fly lower! 

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Wilhelm, thanks for that reference too. I found

but could only get the video and the introduction paragraph there, not the text or photo. Perhaps because I'm not a subscriber. EDIT: See also below.

The video is well worth a viewing. It reflects the recently changed situation and future direction with specific mentions. It's well produced and is positive, but is even more explicit about the satnav. "The worst I've used"! That should probably be "tried to use", as he didn't, but rigged up another!

This coverage is the most positive thing I've seen in the media for some time. Bodes well.

EDIT: See also:

The text is there. But the photo is not the same as in the paper. It's ok but just ordinary. (There are 10 of them.) The one in the glossy supplement is very different, and hugely more tempting in the sense of being a beautiful and desirable object - never mind that it's good to drive too!

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Not a bad video, the car looks stunning in Racing Green too!

A little unfair on the satnav but not a bad effort. To be honest if the Evora appealed to a mass market in the way a regular built by robots sport cars would they're probably doing something's a car with character!

Nice to see some press!!!!

Having an affair with another marque... B-)

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