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Boost gauge transducer replacement

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It looks like there's a current trend to have your boost gauge needle dance about. My 88MY Turbo has a transducer fitted on a plate above the drivers side rear wheel arch. I've tightened up the connection but am still getting the needle dancing around in time to a loud clicking (or sparking) kind of noise.

I'm guessing the transducer is on the way out, but I can't find the part number on the Lotus Service Parts list and SJSportscars don't list it on line. Does any kind soul know the part number?

Better still, does anyone have a spare one that works?

Any help or advice gratefully received.


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Hmmmm, haven't had one fail before. Where's the noise from? Maybe the problem is in the binnacle?

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The noise definitely seems to be coming from the area where the transducer is located. I've looked for a sparking cable till my eyes hurt but can't find one. It doesn't happen on start up, but if you let the engine warm up for half an hour then drive it you can hear it clearly. It seems to be when you lift your foot off the accelerator. Only the boost gauge dances about. The others are okay. Hence, I think it's the transducer.. I was going to disconnect the black and blue hose from it to see if it stopped when disconnected but was worried as it pushes on to a T piece with hoses going elsewhere. Didn't want to break the T piece either.

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I Had one fail. I replaced it with Stack motor sport unit. This comes complete with gauge/wiring.

Cost about £70.oo uk...

I may be selling it soon as I'm thinking of changing to a SPA unit to match the others fitted to

my Binnacal. Open to offers.

If interested let me know..

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Thanks guys, but I've now had the time and weather to investigate the problem further. I've disconnected the pressure hose from the transducer and have driven the car with no boost gauge reading. The loud clicking, sparking sound still occurs - so as the transducer isn't doing any work, it can't be the cause. The sound is coming from the area where the transducer is mounted i.e. above the drivers side rear wheel arch and around about the same position as the fuel filler flap. I just can't work out what it is. It's so annoying.

After 11 years of Esprit ownership, I've lost interest in the car as I have hardly driven it due to the weather we've had. When I get decent weather, there's always some niggle or other. I think I've just run out of patience.

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I took the car over to Max at Lakeside this morning with the clicking sound merrily going insane behind me. It took Max about 30 seconds to get to the cause of the problem. When he took the hose off the Vacuum Advance solenoid, the clicking stopped. He reckons it may just be a dodgy earth connection. So anyone with the same issue as I have on a Stevens car, have a look at this as a probability. It's pretty much in the same location as the boost transducer.

It just goes to show that a man with Max's knowledge and experience is worth his weight in gold.

He's going to check it all over prior to its MOT next week. My car will be 25 years old this month.

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Okay chaps & chapesses,

Here's the solution to the problem I was having, courtesy of Miracle Max at Lakeside.

The sparking noise was traced to the Purge Pump Otter switch. The switch was replaced and the loud sparking sound stopped.

So, if your boost gauge needle is dancing around in time to a sparking noise, check it out.

Hope this helps someone.

The Esprit got through its MOT too, so it's fine for another year.

I'm actually thinking of selling it though, as I'm just not driving it.

I've owned it for 12 years and it's now in way better shape than when I bought it.


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