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Pedal box

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Hello all and greetings from Sweden. After having two kids and work issues kicking my sparetime in the ass over the last four years I am FINALLY getting to stripping the car. Here are my main concerns:

Holy moses, how in the hell was this thing put in? I got the right outer bolt off, right inner I might be able to after an icepack on the head for a couple of hours but the left? Forget it!! I think the airbox is in the way and the steering column (which I need to remove the sheering bolts somehow).

Can I ask that someone give me some tips here. I can reach the back bolts, just, but beyond that I just can't turn the rear bolt. I suppose the breaklight connections untop of the breakpedal have to go as well.

I swear this car is fighting me bolt for bolt and I have reached a point where I need to start using the forum for mental support! Hahahaha


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Holy moses, how in the hell was this thing put in?

Magic. :secret: Don't tell anyone.

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I posted a similar angry thread about the removal of the pedal box, you need to have the tiniest hands with the biggest grip and be able to squat in the front of the car with your head between your legs.

Its definitely best if you take he steering column out first. I found that I couldn't get a socket onto 2 of the bolts, so had to use a stubby spanner which only moved one flat at a time. It seemed to take forever and took the skin off my knuckles.

When I finally put mine back in I think I'm going to modify it so that all the bolts can be accessed by a socket set!!

Best of luck, it will come out if you keep at it.


It's getting there......

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Check the front compartment. You may find an access panel about 4 by 3 inches that will help. Mine was screwed and stuck in place with some sealant.

I was only told this after destroying my hands.#####

I also cut a 10mm spanner in half which helped.

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So this is how it is playing out. Removing ALL electrics out of the way first, removing front window to get to the shearbolts for the ignition sorted, not sure how to drill them out. I will ask fellow members for guidence and a towel to cry in I suppose. I should also say it is a complete tear down so I'm not overdoing it just trying to figure out HOW to do it... Right door off today which has me dumbfound about the positioning of the wiring that runs to the door electrics, ALL of the three harnesses going into the door have one or two more broken wires... *?#¤//# british engineering! :guitar:

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