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More crankcase breather problems

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Firstly, apologies for the lack of a formal introduction, this is my first post, although I have been lurking for nearly a year since purchasing my 88 Esprit NA. The car was stood for a number of years before I purchased it and I’ve been working my way through numerous issues that came with the car. I’ve got most things sorted and the car is now running well apart from the below.

The problem I have is that at anything above the min line on the dipstick, the engine starts to throw a large amount of oil up through the breather and out of the air filter box.

Any comments on the below would be appreciated.

I’m currently running the car on fully synthetic 15W/50 Mobil one. Too thin?

Is there any sort of baffle under the breather in the engine which could be missing? The car was fitted with a recon unit 20K ago.

Anything else, stuck pressure relief valve perhaps?

I don’t believe it is an issue with worn rings pressuring the block as the car has a recon motor fitted which runs well (after a lot of carb work) and the emissions are good. Although I guess it would be good to run a leak down test.

Again apologies this is my first post and any help is greatly appreciated.


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I believe it's possible to incorrectly fit the dip stick tube so what looks like the correct level is in fact too much or too little, if yours has been fitted too far down then what looks like a max reading on the stick is in fact way too much oil.

Perhaps others will comment further.

PS) Nice looking motor. :thumbsup:

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Thanks John

I will check and come back, it would be nice if it was something that simple!!!!!

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Hi, have you fixed this, just a thought but on my Excel the green crankcase breather valve was totally blocked this produced a jet of oil up through the dip stick, after valve was replaced all was well

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